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Free & easy printable leprechaun trap letter

Looking for a free printable leprechaun trap letter? Here’s everything you need to know about these silly letters and a free printable set, a great St Patricks Day kids idea!

My kids are finally getting to the age (1 and 3) where they are into holidays. Every holiday! Even ones that aren’t typically super child-centered.

I am doing my best to make holidays fun and memorable for them, and to establish fun and silly family holiday traditions.

One thing we are doing this year is making a leprechaun trap and pairing it with a St Patrick’s Day letter from a leprechaun!

What is a leprechaun trap?

A leprechaun trap is a craft made by or for kids to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The idea is to tempt a leprechaun into stopping in, and then catch him.

It’s basically the St Patrick’s Day version of milk and cookies for Santa.

What is the point of a leprechaun trap?

The point of a leprechaun trap is to have fun and make St Patricks Day a silly fun holiday for kids. The holiday is typically centered on drinking beer and revelry, so this is just a fun way to make it kid-centric.

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What happens if you catch a leprechaun?

Legend has it, if you catch a leprechaun, he has to give you his treasure!

How do you trap a leprechaun for kids?

Usually, parents who want to help their kids trap a leprechaun build a leprechaun trap!

St Patricks Day leprechaun traps usually include:

  • green
  • shamrocks
  • bait to attract them like gold coins or Lucky Charms cereal
  • a ladder to lead them up – made from sticks, pipe cleaners, or anything
  • the trap – a jar, a box, a tube, or something to fall on top of them

What to do when you don’t catch a leprechaun

Leprechauns are sneaky and smart, so they are hard to catch! However, if they almost get caught, they often leave treats behind!

How do I make my child think leprechaun came?

Leprechauns can leave footprints, shamrocks, a letter, or treats!

Does the leprechaun leave anything?

I think it is cute for a leprechaun to leave a letter! They can also leave gold coins, gold coin candy, or any sort of gold item alongside the letter.

free printable leprechaun letter

Free printable leprechaun letter

Get our free printable leprechaun trap notes! We have a green clover + a rainbow version of the printable letter! Click here to download the free leprechaun letters!

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