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St Patrick’s Day kid ideas

Welcome to your one-stop destination for St. Patrick’s Day kid ideas! Get ready to transform this Irish celebration into an unforgettable experience for your little ones.

From engaging activities to delicious recipes and free printables, we’ve curated a collection to make this holiday magical for children.

Looking to infuse more than just pub culture into St. Patrick’s Day? Discover innovative ways to captivate your kids’ imagination with leprechaun traps, delightful recipes, captivating printables, and other entertaining ideas that’ll have them gleefully celebrating the spirit of this Irish holiday.

Everything you need for St Patricks Day with kids

Create an enchanting atmosphere with DIY leprechaun traps, explore scrumptious St. Patrick’s Day recipes tailored for kids, delve into engaging printables, and find a trove of exciting ideas perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Bring on the festive fun and make this St. Patrick’s Day an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family!

St Patricks Day ideas for kids

This Irish holiday can be about more than just drinking at the pub. Here’s ideas for celebrating it with your kids!

Leprechaun trap + visit ideas

One of the most fun parts of St Patricks Day is setting a leprechaun trap and having him come and do mischief! Here are ideas to use for your leprechaun trap:

DIY leprechaun trap from an oatmeal canister

St Patrick’s day recipes for kids

Feel like cooking? Here are some great food ideas for this special day!

St Patricks Day treat recipe ideas for kids

St Patrick’s Day Printables

Here are some of our FREE printables to make planning this celebration a breeze!

Be sure to check out all of the Best Free St Patrick’s Day Printables for Preschoolers.

st patricks day scavenger hunt

Other St Patricks Day fun for kids

Here are some other ideas to make your holiday extra special.

st patricks day books for preschoolers

Shop for St Patrick’s Day

Prefer to shop? Here are some fun St Patrick’s Day goodies I’ve got in my cart!

Be sure to grab our free St Patricks Day printables bundle, and have a great holiday!

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