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How to make a lego leprechaun trap

Want to catch a leprechaun? Here are two ways that we made a lego leprechaun trap for St Patrick’s Day with kids!

Are you hoping to trap a leprechaun? Leprechaun traps are a super fun tradition and a silly way to celebrate this holiday with kids.

There are tons of ways to make a leprechaun trap – from our simple oatmeal hat trap door leprechaun trap, to something more complex.

This year, my son is 5 years old and obsessed with Legos. So, he had the idea to make a leprechaun trap out of legos. Here’s what he made!

how to make a lego leprechaun trap

How to make a lego leprechaun trap

Here are 2 leprechaun traps that my 5 year old son made from legos!

Lego “Don’t Break the Ice”

The first Lego leprechaun trap that Luke built is a play on one of his favorite board games – don’t break the ice.

This is a raised platform with lego stairs going up one side.

At the top, the platform is made of sideways legos at a 90 degree angle. They are connected, but when the leprechaun steps on them – they will fall into the pit below!

lego leprechaun trap

To entice the leprechaun up, place fake gold on top.

lego leprechaun trap

Here’s how the trap looks after the leprechaun stepped on it and crashed down!

lego leprechaun trap

Lego Leprechaun Plank

The second Lego leprechaun trap that my son designed is a walk the plank situation. He built four legs and a platform on top. There are stairs on one side leading up to the platform.

On the edge of the platform is a 4 x 10 Lego sticking out like a plank.

He also added a windmill, because it was cool.

At the end of the plank platform, he put a piece of trick gold.

Under the platform, he placed a cup of water.

lego leprechaun trap

Here’s how the trap works: the leprechaun walks up the steps to the top of the platform because he sees the gold. But, when he goes out on the plank, it cannot hold his weight and collapses. He falls into the cup of water. Trapped!

lego leprechaun trap

I hope these ideas inspire your St Patricks Day shenanigans!

Thanks for reading!

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