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What does a leprechaun leave in a trap?

Did your kid decide to set a leprechaun trap and now you aren’t sure what happens next? Here are some ideas for what does a leprechaun leave in a trap!

This was our first year setting a leprechaun trap and honestly I have mixed feelings about it.

Our 3 year old was *very* concerned with why we wanted to trap a leprechaun and wouldn’t he want to go home to his family.

Which, if you know Luke, is so very him. He is wild but has a sweet heart.

Anyways, the whole point of a leprechaun trap is that you don’t catch the leprechaun, but instead they leave you some gold or treats behind.

What does a leprechaun leave in a trap

What does leprechaun leave behind in trap?

You really can’t go wrong with leaving anything behind in your leprechaun trap, but here are a few ideas.

leprechaun trap with trail of glitter to the door


  • You can use the side of your fist to make footprints coming to or from the trap. You can also use green washable paint. We do this with flour for the easter bunny, so skipped it for the leprechaun
  • Instead, we used green glitter. I just sprinkled a little trail from the door to the trap and up the trap ladder!
  • Or, use confetti – green or shamrocks is fine. You can also hole punch gold paper to make mini gold coins!
leprechaun letter and treats

A letter

Your letter should say something like hello, thanks for trying to trap me but I escaped, here is some gold!

We have 2 free printable leprechaun letters you can download here!

what does a leprechaun leave?


The idea is that your leprechaun escapes but leaves you a small amount of gold as a consolation prize. consider leaving:

  • Gold dollar coins
  • Shiny pennies (shine them using table salt + white vinegar!)
  • Candy wrapped in foil (I think gold or silver is fine)
  • Dollar bill with glitter on it
  • Lucky charms cereal… hey, there are pots of gold marshmallows!

Other stuff

Luke’s preschool today had the leprechaun visit. He got a sticker, a lollypop, and a beaded necklace that I think was from Valentine’s Day. He was THRILLED. He’s three years old but in general would get hype if you gave him a paper clip and told him it was magic, so easy to please.

Additionally, anything shamrock or rainbow theme is sure to be a hit!

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