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Easter egg fillers for teens

Looking for Easter ideas for kids and Easter egg fillers for teens! Elevate your egg hunt with playful fidgets, chic accessories, tech surprises, and more tailored for older kids’ and teens’ tastes.

Looking to level up your Easter egg hunt for the older kids? We’ve got you covered with a ton of Easter egg fillers perfect for teens!

Remember – teens love candy. Sugar them up! I just wanted to share some non-candy easter egg fillers for teens, too!

Most of these items will fit inside standard easter eggs, but you can also grab some slightly larger eggs if you are worried about a tight squeeze!

easter egg fillers for teens

Easter egg fillers for teens

Here are the best Easter egg fillers for teens!

Nutty Toys Animal Squishies

Spice up those Easter egg hunts with 20 Soft & Cute Kawaii Fidgets! Perfect for teens seeking something playful and oh-so-squishy.


Add a touch of sparkle to Easter! These 12 chic bracelets with unicorns, moons, and hearts are just the thing for teens to jazz up their style.

Magnetic Pen

Unleash creativity this Easter with magnetic pens! Teens will love these as fidget toys, compasses, and cool gadgets for their imaginative minds.

Premium Facial Sheet Mask

Glow up for Easter! Treat teen skin with premium facial sheet masks, a spa-like indulgence after the egg hunt hustle.

Pocket Hug Token

Spread love this Easter! Teens will appreciate these Pocket Hug Tokens as heartwarming reminders of care and positivity.

Stackable Rings Sets

Elevate the Easter hunt with trendy Stackable Rings Sets! Teens can discover stylish surprises in every egg they crack open.

Colorful Smile Pendent Necklace

Brighten the hunt with Colorful Smile Pendant Necklaces! Teens will adore these cheerful additions to their Easter egg stash.

Magnetic Rings Fidget Toys

Bring fun and relaxation to teens this Easter with Magnetic Rings Fidget Toys! Perfect for those seeking playful distractions.

GOODY Planet Spider Claw Hair Clip

Amp up teen hairstyles with GOODY Planet Spider Claw Hair Clips! A fun addition to Easter eggs for style-savvy teens.

easter egg fillers for teens

Blending Beauty Sponge

Blend like a pro with wet n wild Makeup Sponges! A must-have addition to Easter eggs for makeup-loving teens.

Makeup Sponge Holder Case

Keep makeup tools fresh and organized! A Makeup Sponge Holder Case is a practical surprise for teens during Easter egg hunts.

Animal Erasers Desk Pets

Adorable and practical! These 60Pcs Animal Erasers are perfect fillers for teens’ Easter egg hunts.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Gift natural lip care this Easter! Teens will appreciate Burt’s Bees Lip Balms tucked into their Easter eggs.

iPhone Charger Lightning Cable

Add some color to teens’ Easter surprises! These iPhone Charger Lightning Cables are both practical and stylish gifts.

Memory Stick USB

Store all the fun in surprises! These 32GB Memory Stick USB Flash Drives make perfect additions to teens’ Easter eggs.

Glass Marbles

Marbles for teen fun! These Colorful Assorted Marbles and Glow in The Dark Marbles are cool fillers for Easter eggs.

Wireless Earbuds

Exciting finds for tech-loving teens! These Wireless Earbuds make for an egg-cellent Easter treat.

teens at an easter egg hunt

Stickers for Water Bottles

Stick and style! Water Bottle Stickers are a fun addition for teens looking to personalize their gear this Easter.

Nail Clippers Set

Clip away with style! Nail Clippers make a handy addition to any Easter egg hunt for teens.

Macaron Phone Screen Cleaning

Wipe away smudges in style! These adorable Macaron Phone Screen Cleaners are perfect for tech-savvy teens.

LED Glow in Dark Flashlights

Add adventure to the Easter egg hunt with Glow-in-the-Dark Flashlights! Teens will love the fun and usefulness.

Retro Neon Speedcubes

Unleash fun with Mini Retro Neon Speedcubes! A unique addition to Easter egg hunts for teens seeking a challenge.

DIY Rocks

Find inspiration in every step with Engraved Inspirational Polished Garden Stones! A meaningful surprise for teens during Easter egg hunts.

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