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26 non-candy Easter egg filler ideas

Wondering what the heck to put into Easter eggs that IS NOT candy? Here are my favorite non-candy Easter egg filler ideas and Easter ideas for your kids.

Here’s the thing – candy is super prevalent for holidays for kids.

I never really realized this until my kids were both toddlers. We had a TON of halloween candy (which, duh, halloween) and we kept saying whew I hope this runs out soon.

But no, it was Christmas and they got more candy.

Then Valentines Day. Then St Patricks Day.

By the time Easter came around we were still eating Christmas candy (mixed with all of the above).

The last thing my children need is some loose jelly beans or a half melted hershey kiss.

So, whether your kids are candy-free or you just don’t need any more candy, today I have a big list of non-candy Easter egg filler ideas!

What can I put in my Easter basket instead of candy?

Looking for Easter basket ideas? I have a list for boys and girls!

Non-Candy easter egg filler ideas

Non-candy Easter egg filler ideas

I’m trying to focus on egg stuffers that are NOT junk and are primarily consumable. #nomoreclutter

Also, a note on loose food – if the eggs are for you/your immediate family, things like loose goldfish are A-OK. If it’s for school or friends, maybe not so much. Use your judgment.

Thanks for reading!

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