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Easter Basket Ideas for toddler & preschooler BOYS!

Looking for Easter basket ideas for your kids? Here are my best Easter basket ideas for toddler and preschooler boys!

Easter is a special holiday for a lot of families. While gifts and baskets are not the reason for the season, they are still a fun tradition for kids to get excited about.

However, it can be rough to come up with enough ideas to fill an Easter basket! So, I am sharing some ideas with you today.

I want to be clear – I’m not one to really “gender” things and my kids mostly get things that are age appropriate vs “gender appropriate”.

That being said – as my son gets older, I am amazed at how she is drawn to “boy” things. Trucks, trains, dinosaurs, anything loud and messy and rough. While he does play with some dolls, it’s mostly to have his dinosaurs “eat them up into bits”. *shrug*

So, while the majority of these things are gender neutral and work for ANY child, a few will be what is traditionally considered for boys. Do with that what you will!

easter basket ideas for toddler + preschooler boys

Easter Basket Ideas for toddler & preschooler BOYS!

Larger items

toddler boy with easter basket

Smaller items

non candy food treats for easter basket

Non-candy treats

  • Goldfish
  • Peanut butter crackers packs (my kids LOVE these)
  • Mini bags of mini oreos
  • Applesauce pouches
  • Rasins
  • Pretzels
  • Easter themed sprinkles or baking supplies

See my favorite bunny themed books here!

And, let’s be real, my kids get plenty of candy, too. How else is mom gonna snag some Reese’s eggs? No shame either way!

Thanks for reading!

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