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What should you put under a pikler triangle?

Worried about safety with your Pikler triangle? Here are some ideas of what to put under a pikler triangle to keep your kids safe!

Getting a pikler triangle is exciting! Your kids are probably really excited climbing all over it and exploring all that it can do.

But, as a parent you might be worried about safety and what to do if they fall!

You should always supervise kids while using a Pikler triangle, but you definitely want to let them climb independently. Getting brave is half the point of using a climbing triangle!

But, kids are going to fall. That’s what they are learning – how to climb and how to fall – safely.

But, having something soft under your Pikler triangle can help to give you peace of mind.

what to put under your pikler triangle for safety

What should you put under a pikler triangle?

My top choice for under a pikler triangle is carpet or a rug. This will allow it to be stable but still slightly cushioned.

If you have hardwood, laminate, or concrete floors, you might want to consider a mat.

I do NOT suggest a Nugget or a crash pad. They are too thick and spongy and don’t give the triangle a solid foundation. Using them can actually lead to more accidents!

This is the foam play mat that we have and use.

These puzzle piece style mats work well, too!

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