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Easter scavenger hunt for kids – free printable!

Get ready for an adventure-filled Easter with our free printable Easter scavenger hunt designed for kids! Discover vibrant Easter-themed items with this engaging and fun-filled activity perfect for the holiday celebration.

Easter brings joy and excitement, and what better way to pump up the fun than with an Easter scavenger hunt for the kids?

Easter is all about vibrant colors, delicious treats, and, of course, surprises! This Easter scavenger hunt is designed to keep kids entertained while they explore, discover, and celebrate the holiday.

While Easter egg hunts are fantastic, a scavenger hunt adds an extra layer of thrill and adventure.

Get ready to elevate your Easter celebrations with this engaging and free printable activity!

easter scavenger hunt for kids

Why an Easter Scavenger Hunt?

Easter egg hunts are iconic, but a scavenger hunt adds a new dimension. It encourages kids to actively search and find specific items, adding excitement to the festivities.

Plus, it’s an engaging activity that helps burn off some of that sugar-fueled energy from the day’s treats!

easter scavenger hunt

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

Make this Easter extra special with our free printable Easter scavenger hunt! This printable is 100% images – no reading required – so it’s great even for small kids!

Click here or the image below to download the Easter scavenger hunt printable.

easter scavenger hunt

If you have older kids, don’t forget to check out our free printable clue Easter treasure hunt – it’s written clues instead of images, making it slightly more advanced.

Materials Needed

Gather your materials to prepare for the Easter scavenger hunt:

Easter Scavenger Hunt Checklist

While our free printable makes things easier, here are some fantastic Easter-themed ideas to include in your hunt:

  • Decorated Easter Eggs (Different Colors, Sizes, or Designs)
  • Bunny Figurines or Stuffed Animals
  • Spring Flowers (Real or Artificial)
  • Chocolate Bunnies or Easter Candy
  • Easter-themed Stickers or Temporary Tattoos
  • Colorful Easter Bonnets or Hats
  • Nest with Colored Eggs (Real or Artificial)
  • Easter-themed Books or Coloring Pages
  • Chicks or Ducks (Toys or Decorations)
  • Decorated Easter Baskets
  • Easter-themed Balloons
  • Easter-themed Cookies or Treats
easter scavenger hunt

Tips for a Memorable Easter Scavenger Hunt

  • Create teams to foster a sense of teamwork and make the hunt more enjoyable.
  • Consider incorporating riddles or puzzles for older kids to solve to find the next clue.
  • Emphasize gratitude by discussing the Easter-themed items found during the hunt.
  • Capture the fun with photos or drawings of each found item to extend the enjoyment.
  • Hide special treats or surprises along the way to keep the excitement high.

This Easter, elevate the celebration by adding an engaging scavenger hunt to your family festivities.

With our free printable Easter scavenger hunt and clue treasure hunt, you’re all set for an adventure-filled Easter day!

Happy hunting!

Thanks for reading!

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