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Mockingbird stroller vs City Select Stroller

Shopping for a new stroller? We are comparing our Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller with the City Select and sharing the results!

One of the biggest buys for many new parents is a stroller. Whether you plan to walk in your neighborhood, travel, or use it as your primary mode of child transportation, selecting a stroller is a big decision!

We are big lovers of our Mockingbird (we’ve had 2 – the original single, and then upgraded to the double with the birth of our new baby!)

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Today we will be comparing the Mockingbird Single to Double stroller with the Baby Jogger City Select double stroller.

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Mockingbird Stroller vs City Select

Check out our YouTube video comparing these two strollers!

How easy is the stroller to fold, and can it fold one handed?


The Mockingbird stroller is very simple to fold and can be folded one-handed.

Mockingbird has a two step fold, both done with one hand. To fold, simple slide over a lever and push a button.

The Mockingbird folds smoothly with one hand and stands upright when folded in half. It also locks into place on its own.

City Select

The City Select is relatively complicated to fold. It cannot be folded with one hand.

The City Select requires lifting two levers on opposite sides of the stroller to unlock the fold.

When the City Select folds in half, you have to manually flip another latch to lock it into place. It does not stand upright when folded.

mockingbird double stroller both seats facing forward

How easy is the stroller to push? 


Mockingbird’s suspension system is designed to absorb vibrations and divert them away from the seat, so your baby doesn’t feel them as much.

Additionally, there is a swivel lock mechanism on the front wheels (similar to a jogging stroller) that can make for an even smoother ride by avoiding the side-to-side swivel that makes rough or gravely roads tricky.

Mockingbird wheels are made for use on different types of terrain such as pavement, grass, gravel, and sand.

City Select

The City Select is very easy to push and rides very smooth.

City Select has fairly large tires for a non-jogging stroller, which would allow it to go more off-road than a Mockingbird, but not by much.

The City Select has a good turning radius and pushes smooth and gives a smooth ride for the kids.

What car seat options do I have? 

Both the Mockingbird and City Select have adapters to work with many carseats.


Mockingbird has multiple adapters compatible with many popular car seat models so parents have flexibility of choice and can easily pop their car seat on and off the stroller.

Read the full list of car seats that are compatible with the Mockingbird.

For parents who aren’t planning on using a car seat, or who want more than one option, they also have a Carriage option or an infant seat insert.

Here is my review of the Mockingbird Carriage Bassinet!

City Select

City Select has a similar selection of car seat adapters. You can see the full list here. They also offer a bassinet option for newborns.

pushing double city select stroller

Will the stroller fit in my trunk? 

For both the Mockingbird and the City Select, whether it will fit in your car will depend on what car you have.

We drive a Honda Pilot and a Toyota Yaris.

Both strollers fit perfectly fine in the trunk of the Pilot. The should both fit easily into any SUV mid-size and above.

Neither stroller fits in the trunk of the Yaris. Both require half of the back seat to be laid down flat. This makes it impossible to have either stroller and two kids in the car.

The Yaris is just not a practical car for someone with two small kids! It’s a relic from our prior child-free life and will probably need to be upgraded soon anyways.

Both strollers should fit in the trunk of a standard sedan.

What other cool features does the stroller have that might be important to me?


We love the zippered mesh section of the canopy that provides airflow on hot days.

There is a hidden pocket inside the basket that is perfect for hiding your phone or wallet out of view.

The kid’s footrest unzips so you can easily dump out crumbs or dirt.

There is a reflector strip for walking at night!

City Select

There is a mesh storage compartment on the back of each seat.

The brake for the City Select is a hand brake on the handle instead of the standard foot brake. This might be a benefit for some people.

How does the overall style of the stroller compare? 


One of the top reasons that we purchased our original Mockingbird stroller was for the looks of it. It has a very expensive look.

I love the leather handles and hold bars on the kid’s seats.

The fabric also looks very luxe and the color choices are high end. Plus, you get to pick the patterns of the lining.

City Select

The City Select has more of a utilitarian look. The fabric looks cheaper and the holds are rubber instead of leather.

pushing double mockingbird stroller

My husband/wife is tall. Will they struggle to push the stroller? 

Each of these strollers has an adjustable handlebar, though they adjust in different ways.


You are able to adjust the angle of the Mockingbird handle, angling it flat or up and down.

Many taller parents actually end up utilizing the neutral or middle setting for the handlebar more often than the highest setting, since you lose around 2 inches if you rotate the handlebar all the way up.

This is because it’s technically bringing you a little closer to the stroller, vs. with the neutral setting or the middle setting (where it extends the farthest from the stroller itself and you’ll actually gain up to 2 additional inches).

For tall parents we also recommend the Single to Double over the Single since the frame is slightly longer.

City Select

The City Select handle adjusts in and out to be closer or further from the stroller. This is fine, and better than nothing, but not as versatile as the Mockingbird.

How do the basket sizes compare?

The Mockingbird has a larger and easier-to-access lower basket.


The Mockingbird basket is 15″ wide, 25″ long, and 9″ deep.

It is huge and can fit a yoga mat front to back. We regularly put a big red kickball under there and ride to our neighborhood park!

City Select

The basket on the City Select is 17″ wide, 21″ long, and 8″ deep.

What I really don’t like about the City Select is that you have to unzip 2 side zippers to really see inside the basket. This makes it feel unusable and cumbersone to get into.

We cannot fit our son’s kickball in here and that is mostly because of the zipper panel.

I’m going to be carrying the stroller up and down the stairs. How much does it weigh?

The weights of these two strollers are very comparable.


Approximately 26 pounds including the frame, seat, wheels, canopy, and basket and 35 pounds with the second seat kit. 

City Select

Approximately 28 pounds set up as a single and 34 pounds with the second seat kit.

Will these strollers fit in my doorway?

Both strollers fit through a standard doorway with no issues. This is a benefit from a side-by-side stroller.


The single to double Mockingbird stroller is 25.5″ wide.

City Select

The City Select is 25 3/4″ wide.

How do the wheels compare?

The wheels are pretty different on these two strollers.


The Mockingbird back wheels are 9″ diameter. They are a firmer material.

City Select

The City Select back wheels are just under 12″ in diameter and a more rubbery tire-like material.

We like the wheels a little better on the City Select, but there’s nothing about the Mockingbird strollers that cause an issue.

What are the possible configuration options? 

Both of these strollers allow two toddler seats in 4 configurations – both facing forward, both facing back, facing each other, or facing apart.


Mockingbird has many configurations but requires the infant seat/bassinet/carseat to be in the top spot. We are unable to have the lower seat (toddler) face forward while the bassinet is in place.

This won’t be an issue once our baby is four to five months old and moves out of the bassinet.

City Select

The City Select has 16 configuration options, including having the bassinet up and down.

What are the available accessories?

The available accessories are very similar.

The weather shield + bug canopy are add ons for the City, but are included with the Mockingbird.

The only thing that the City has available that the Mockingbird does not that I wish the Mockingbird had is a glider board for an older child. I believe this is in the works for them, though!


City Select

How does the price compare when all is said and done? Is that worth it?

The Mockingbird stroller is about $100 less than the City Select. The Mockingbird accessories are either the same price or priced less than the comparable City accessories.

To us, the Mockingbird is a better stroller and, therefore, a much better value compared to the City Select, which costs more anyways. Mockingbird is better and cheaper.


The Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller sells for $395. A second seat costs $120. The bassinet costs $100. The car seat adapter is $30.

City Select

The City Select stroller sells for $499. A second seat costs $179. The bassinet costs $99-200 depending on which you choose. The car seat adapter is $30.

mockingbird vs city select double stroller comparison

Video Comparison

Check out our YouTube video!

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