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Do I really need a double stroller for 2 kids?

Trying to decide if you should buy a double stroller? Here is my honest opinion after having two kids under two!

I have gotten a lot of questions from pregnant moms and neighbors about whether a double stroller is necessary.

Well, take it from someone who had two kids in two years (and two c-sections, RIP my abdominal muscles).

do I really need a double stroller for 2 kids

Do I need a double stroller?


I get it I get it your baby carrier is great. We have it, we love it.

But, my problem with the carrier is this. You strap the baby to your chest. Your toddler walks. You wear a diaper bag on your back.

Your toddler takes off their sweatshirt. Your toddler hands you some rocks. You have to get out a juice box or three.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough hands for that.

Plus, my baby gets heavy. And hot. And sweaty.

I love having a double stroller. {ick one with a big storage basket and dump everything under there. Splurge for cup holders – for you and the kids.

A double stroller lets both kids ride and all their junk, too.

We recently took both kids to a day of the PGA tournament (I know, we are nuts). Pushing the double stroller and taking it on the shuttle was not ideal.

But you know what WAS ideal? Both the kids napped in the stroller. I put up the shade, pushed them along, and ate a frozen strawberry lemonade.

If my toddler was walking, he would not be able to nap. If my baby was strapped to my chest, I would have been so so SO hot.

I cannot send enough praises to the inventor of the double stroller.

Once your kids get older, consider adding a buggy board/ride on board. This allows them to stand on the lip and ride as you travel but super easily get on and off.

Maybe this would even work for three kids total? Check your stroller’s weight limits to be sure. I will not be having a third kid so I cannot report back 🙂

What are the cons of a double stroller?

The biggest con to a double stroller is that these are not small little lightweight strollers. They are big, they are bulky, they will not fit in the trunk of my hatchback.

Whether you get a tandem (one seat in front of the other) or side by side stroller, they aren’t easy to maneuver. You will not make sharp turns.

That’s seriously the only con. You have to store it (we are lucky to have a garage) and push a big giant thing around. But it is so, so worth it.

If the cost is a deterrent for you, look on Facebook Marketplace. There are SO MANY used double strollers for sale in my area!

mockingbird stroller seats facing opposite directions

What is the best double stroller?

There are two types of double strollers: the tandem and the side by side. We personally use and prefer a tandem, though I see the appeal of a side by side for older kids.

I think that a tandem stroller is definitely the best double stroller for 2 under 2.

We absolutely love our Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller. It is beautiful, easy to maneuver, has a large storage basket, and has plenty of space for both kids.

When our daughter was first born, we used the toddler seat + the bassinet. I prefer the bassinet to the car seat attachment because I found my babies sleep MUCH better in the bassinet and mama needs a break 🙂

The Mockingbird is easy to push, even with 2 stroller seats. It’s also easy to fold – though you have to take one seat off to fold it completely.

We put our older child in the front/lower seat and the baby in the upper/rear seat.

If you have to larger toddlers who will be getting up and down a lot, look into a side by side stroller. Side by sides are a great double stroller for 2 toddlers. It gives them more freedom, though I found them harder to push and maneuver personally!

Thanks for reading!

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