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Best Heart Shaped Crayons for kids

Want to get a simple, useful Valentines Day gift for kids? Here are the best Heart Shaped Crayons for kids!

Kids love coloring, and heart shaped crayons make an adorable Valentine gift for school and for friends.

We have made our own homemade heart shaped crayons and paired them with these Color Your Heart Out printable valentines.

But, I totally understand that many people are busy and don’t want to be bothered with the breaking of the crayons and the melting in the molds and batch after batch of crayon making.

Sometimes, it’s easier to buy. In that case, I’ve rounded up the best heart shaped crayons for valentines day!

heart shaped crayons

Best Heart Shaped Crayons for kids

Here are the best heart-shaped crayons that you can buy for your kids!

heart shaped crayons

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