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40 cutest Valentine’s Day recipes for kids

Want to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year? Here are a ton of cute and easy Valentine’s Day recipes to try for Valentines day with your kids!

I love making Valentine’s Day into a multiple-week long affair. It’s just so fun to squeeze as much joy as possible out of these “hallmark holidays” with kids.

The good thing about spending a fun Valentine’s Day with kids is that they don’t expect to be wined and dined and roses and diamonds. They just want to have fun!

A really fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with love of Valentines Day treats for kids! They will love getting extra baked goods, special breakfasts, and little treats leading up to the holiday.

Some of my favorite simple Valentine’s food ideas for kids:

  • Anything cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Red velvet everything
  • Store bought treats dipped in pink or red candy melts
  • Strawberries with anything
  • Pink and red sprinkles on any favorite treat

Here are my favorite Valentine’s recipes for kids!

40 cute and yummy valentines day treats for kids

Cutest Valentine's Day recipes for kids

Make Valentine's Day extra special with these treat recipes for your kids!

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