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31 Valentine’s Day Breakfast ideas for kids

Want to make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for your kids? Here are a ton of ideas to inspire you for Valentines day with your kids!

I love taking “smaller” holidays and making them into a multi-week celebration.

That’s something that I used to mock as a single twenty-something but absolutely embrace now that I have kids of my own.

One easy way to make a holiday feel special is with a special breakfast. This often overlooked meal can be make extra special with a Valentine’s Day recipe – or a jazzed up regular breakfast food!

So, I wanted to round up some easy but festive Valentines breakfast or Valentines brunch ideas!

Here are my favorite Valentine’s day treat recipes!

Simple Valentine Breakfast Ideas

Here are some basic hacks to make any meal have more Valentines-vibes.

  • Red foods such as raspberries, strawberries, red sauce.
  • Pink foods such as grape fruit, pink lemonade.
  • Red velvet anything
  • Chocolate anything
  • Heart shaped breakfast food – use cookie cutters
31 valentines day breakfast ideas for kids

Here are my favorite Valentines breakfast for kids recipes!

Valentine's Day Breakfast ideas for kids

Here are some great ideas for what to make your kids for an easy but special Valentine's Day breakfast!

What are you doing for a fun Valentines breakfast this year?

Thanks for reading!

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