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Valentines Day scavenger hunt for kids – free printable!

Engage kids this Valentine’s Day with a delightful scavenger hunt adventure! Discover fun-filled ideas and a free printable for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt tailored just for kids.

Valentine’s Day brings love and celebration, but keeping the kids entertained during this heartfelt occasion is key. Amidst the romantic dinners and festivities, kids might find themselves a bit bored, which is where a fun scavenger hunt comes into play!

Valentine’s Day is all about love and affection. While we’re caught up in cooking and sharing moments with our loved ones, the little ones might feel left out.

But fear not! I’ve got just the thing to keep those little cupids entertained – a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt! With a free printable and loads of tips, this game is a surefire hit for the holiday.

valentines day scavenger hunt mock up

Why a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt?

Valentine’s Day celebrations can sometimes feel a tad grown-up for the kids. A scavenger hunt adds a delightful twist, keeping them engaged and having fun.

Unlike a standard coloring page, a scavenger hunt encourages them to explore and move around, making it perfect for kids who are up and about, ready for an adventure!

Want more Valentines day fun? Pair it with these fun and simple Valentine dot marker printables!

valentines day printable scavenger hunt

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

I’ve crafted a visual scavenger hunt tailored for your Valentine’s Day celebration! Click here to download the printable or sign up below!

valentines day scavenger hunt

This visual scavenger hunt is designed specifically for kids who might not yet be reading pros but are eager to join in the Valentine’s Day excitement.

Simply print it off, grab a crayon or marker, and let kids loose in an area that is decorated for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Checklist

While our free printable is the easiest way to dive into the scavenger hunt, here are some ideas to create your own:

Love Tokens

  • Heart-Shaped Leaves or Petals
  • Heart Patterns in Nature (Clouds, Foliage)
  • A Red or Pink Feather
  • Cupid’s Arrow (Crafted or Found)
  • Heart-Shaped Rock or Stone
  • A Love Note hidden somewhere special

Valentine’s Treats

  • Heart-Shaped Candy
  • Red or Pink Berries
  • A Rose Petal
  • Heart-Shaped Cookie or Pastry
  • A Valentine’s Day Card or Craft

Lovely Decor

  • Valentine’s Balloons
  • A Table Set for a Romantic Dinner
  • Heart Decorations or Garland
  • A Love-themed Poster or Artwork

Friendly Cupid

  • A Photo with Someone Wearing Red
  • A Picture with a Hug
  • A Drawing of Something or Someone They Love
valentines day scavenger hunt

Tips for a Wonderful Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Plan Ahead: Ensure all the items on your list are available so there’s no disappointment. Create some surprises for extra fun!

Spread the Love: Encourage kids to team up and work together, spreading the love throughout the hunt.

Gratitude Moments: After finding each item, take a moment to share why it’s special or why they love it.

Picture Perfect: For older kids, consider adding a photo or drawing element for each item for added engagement and memories.

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