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24 Non-alcoholic Thanksgiving Drinks Recipes

Planning a Thanksgiving gathering? There’s a lot to plan! Here are some of the best non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drink recipes!

The holiday season often means lots of holiday hosting is going on.

If you are planning a Thanksgiving dinner, you might be looking for some drink ideas.

24 non alcoholic mocktails for thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving is obviously more about eating than drinking, it still can be fun to have themed drinks for the festivities.

When you think of Thanksgiving drinks, you might think of booze. But, there are plenty of Thanksgiving non alcoholic drinks and Thanksgiving mocktails.

What drinks to serve at Thanksgiving?

You should offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages in addition to any cocktails or wine that you choose to serve at Thanksgiving.

If you are hosting kids, you might want to check with their parent or guardian to be sure you don’t step on any toes, offering them juice or milk if that’s not preferred. There are plenty of Thanksgiving drinks for the family to keep everyone happy!

Alcoholic drinks for Thanksgiving

Looking for booze? Here are some great ideas!

Non-alcoholic drinks for Thanksgiving

Whether you are planning for kids or just non-drinkers, there are tons of great alcohol free Thanksgiving drinks. Some of the basics include:

  • Apple cider (hot or cold)
  • Thanksgiving punch
  • Flavored/fruit infused water
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cranberry juice or mocktail

Today I am going to round up some fabulous non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drink ideas and the best Thanksgiving mocktail recipes!

thanksgiving non alcoholic mocktails

Non alcoholic Thanksgiving drink ideas

Planning your Thanksgiving menu? Here are some of the best non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drink ideas!

What’s your favorite non alcoholic drinks for thanksgiving?

Thanks for reading!

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