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23 Child-friendly Thanksgiving appetizers

Planning a Thanksgiving with kids? Here are some great ideas for child-friendly Thanksgiving appetizers!

The holiday season often means lots of holiday hosting is going on.

If you are planning a Thanksgiving dinner, you might be looking for some kids Thanksgiving party food ideas!

Now, I will say, it’s hard to declare something as “kid friendly”.

My daughter LOVES cucumber and tomatoes but my son says GROSS!

My kids eat meatballs and hamburgers but your kids might only like chicken nuggets.

So, if you are hosting a small number of kids – ask first. Ask their parent or caregiver what they actually like to eat.

Because, Thanksgiving appetizers for kids can look really different depending on what they actually like to eat!

Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving side dishes for kids.

Anyways, here are some holiday appetizers that would be a hit with my kids! I hope that your kids will love them, too!

23 easy thanksgiving appetizers for kids

Kid friendly Thanksgiving appetizers

Child friendly Thanksgiving Appetizers

Keep the kids at your table happy with these child friendly Thanksgiving appetizer recipes!

What are your favorite easy Thanksgiving appetizers?

Thanks for reading!

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