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27 Best Carrot Recipes for Thanksgiving

Planning a Thanksgiving gathering? There’s a lot to plan! Here are some great carrot recipes for Thanksgiving!

The holiday season often means lots of holiday hosting is going on.

If you are planning a Thanksgiving dinner, you might be looking for some vegetable and side dish ideas.

My kids love carrots and they are always a safe bet to serve at a meal.

Carrots might not be as traditionally Thanksgiving as sweet potatoes, but they are still great staples to serve traditionally or in a new fresh way.

Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving side dishes for kids.

Anyways, here are some Thanksgiving carrot recipes that would be a hit with my kids! I hope that your kids will love them, too!

27 easy carrot recipes for thanksgiving
27 easy carrot recipes for thanksgiving

Carrot recipes for Thanksgiving

Want to serve carrots this Thanksgiving? Here are a ton of recipes to inspire you!

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