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29 best camping gifts for kids

Explore a world of outdoor wonder with our curated selection of the best camping gifts for kids. From imaginative playsets to nature exploration tools, discover the perfect gifts that ignite young adventurers’ love for camping and the great outdoors. Shopping for kids gifts can be so much fun. I personally love to gift gifts that …

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Shady Rays Review

Discover the perfect eyewear for your family in our comprehensive Shady Rays Sunglasses review. Here are our thoughts on their men’s, women’s, and kids’ collections, featuring UV protection, polarized lenses, and durable frames. Are you looking for stylish, high quality sunglasses that won’t break the bank? When I was a teen/college student I bought expensive …

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Brumate BruTank Cooler Review

Cooler shopping? Here is our complete and honest Brumate BruTank cooler review after having and using it for our family of 4 at the beach! I recently purchased my husband a Brumate BruTank cooler for Father’s Day. He had been asking for a nice cooler and I had been shopping around, mostly looking at Yeti …

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Is the Shibumi beach shade worth it? a complete review

Considering a shibumi beach shade? Here’s our review after using it for a while – and our opinion on if the shibumi is worth it! Have you ever had a beach umbrella or tent blow away? It’s a harrowing experience, and can result in a busted tent and a potentially injured bystander. Plus, then you …

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