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Is a Bogg Bag Worth it? And some alternatives!

Wondering if a Bogg Bag is Worth it? Here is my honest feedback on what I love about our Bogg Bag, and some lower cost alternatives (and accessories!)

I remember not that many years ago, I used to go to the beach pool with a towel over my shoulder, sunglasses on my face, and a water bottle in my hand. That was it literally it.

Now, when we go to the beach or pool, we have a lot more gear. I feel like I’ve done a really good job of refining the most necessary and best beach gear with kids, but it’s still a lot of stuff.

I have been rocking a zipper tote bag as a pool bag for the last 3 years and when I pulled it out of our garage storage this spring, it was growing black mold and just generally very sad and mushed looking.

I’ve been seeing so many moms with these big rubber bags at our neighborhood pool – the Bogg Bag. I decided to give it a try.

We took it to Florida for a week and it went to the beach and the water park and the pool. I’m obsessed with this thing now, and will sing its praises from the treetops.

bogg bag

What is a Bogg Bag?

Bogg Bags are a brand of bag designed for the pool or beach. They are large and made of a rubbery croc-like material and they also have holes in them, just like Crocs.

What I love about my Bogg Bag is that it:

  • Is waterproof and can get wet without getting soggy
  • Is super easy to wash/hose off if it does get dirty
  • Holds a ton
  • Has the holes on the side so you can snap on different accessories
  • Comes in a ton of cute colors

What is so special about Bogg Bags?

Bogg Bags were one of a kind when they first came out. Now, there are of course knock offs but the design really is genius and perfect for the pool.

bogg bag at the beach

What are the 3 sizes of Bogg Bags?

Bogg Bags come in three sizes Bitty (mini), Baby (small) and Original (large).

Why are people obsessed with Bogg Bags?

Bogg bags first of all are super unique looking and eye-catching. This makes it much more interesting than a generic tote bag – and more of a conversation starter.

Beyond that they are really functional. The fact that they stand up by themselves and can be completely host out just make some so useful for parents of small kids.

bogg bag at the beach

Where can you buy a Bogg Bag?

You can of course order a Bogg Bag online. Get them from Bogg directly or on Amazon!

I actually grabbed mine in person at Dicks Sporting Goods – which, I never buy anything in person but it was a great way to grab one same-day!

Is Bogg owned by Crocs?

Bogg and Crocs are two totally different companies. However, Crocs does make a very similar type of bag.

bogg bag at the pool

Is a Bogg Bag Worth it?

Bogg Bags are really useful and high quality. But, I think they are definitely overpriced for what they are. The price has definitely gone up in the last few years – like everything else – and they are pricey!

You are totally paying for the brand name here.

If you are on a budget, I would suggest going for a cheaper alternative instead. While the Bogg Bag is nice, some of these alternatives are nearly identical for less than half the price.

bogg bag at the lazy river

Bogg Bag alternatives

If you love the idea of a Bogg Bag but not the price tag, have no fear. Here are some cheaper alternatives:

Bogg Bag Accessories

Upgrade your Bogg Bag experience with any of these popular accessories:

Thanks for reading!

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