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29 best camping gifts for kids

Explore a world of outdoor wonder with our curated selection of the best camping gifts for kids. From imaginative playsets to nature exploration tools, discover the perfect gifts that ignite young adventurers’ love for camping and the great outdoors.

Shopping for kids gifts can be so much fun. I personally love to gift gifts that all fit in a theme together to make a fun adventure or experience gift for kids.

One thing the kids really love is getting outdoors into nature and yes, even camping. Whether you are camping on a campsite, in the backyard, or even in your own living room, there are tons of fun camping toys and accessories that you can get.

Giving your kids camping themed gift is a great way to surprise them with a trip or just to create a new family tradition of backyard camping.

Here are my favorite camping gifts for kids!

best camping gifts for kids

The best camping gifts for kids

Here are some of my very favorite camping gift ideas for kids, broken up by category!

best camping gifts for kids

Imaginative Camping Playsets

Here are some great imaginative play sets including tents and camping accessories.

Camping Set with Tent

This camping set has 30 pieces and is the whole she-bang for kids who are interested in learning about camping!

Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore Camper Tent Play Set

This pop up tent looks like a camper and is a great way to introduce camping to your kids – indoor or out!

Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out!

This little camping set is perfect for toddlers and includes a little faux bonfire and accessories!

Camping Toys Set

I love that this set is a small faux fire and tons of play foods so that kids can pretend to be cooking in your own back yard – or playroom!

Pop Up Tent with Kids Camping Gear Set

This pop up tent comes with tons of accessories like a lantern and cooking tools for kids to play camping at home.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore Hiking Play Set

I love that this includes a backpack, binoculars, a canteen, and other accessories to turn hiking into an adventure!

Adventure Gear for Young Explorers

Here are some fun activities and tools your kids can do to enjoy nature outside.

Bug Catcher Kit for Kids

Unleash your child’s inner entomologist with this Bug Catcher Kit!  Hours of exploration and insect-catching adventures await.

Firefly! Outdoor Gear Finn the Shark Backpack Kid’s 3 Piece Combo Set

Gear up your little adventurer with this shark backpack set – perfect for camping and practical to be re-used for other times, too.

Explorer Kit with Safari Vest & Hat

How cute are this safari vest and hat? So fun for getting kids excited to explore nature!

Outdoor Adventure Set for Kids

This set is targeting older kids and includes a drawstring bag and tons of hiking or camping accessories.

Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit with Vest

If your kids want to go catch bugs or watch birds, this vest + binoculars + accessory kit has everything that they could possibly want!

LED Light Up Bow and Arrow Set

The perfect camping gift for kids who love adventure. Let them hit the target, get competitive, and have so much fun!

Nature Observation and Exploration Tools

There’s tons to see in nature – here are a few tools to help kids appreciate it!

Dinosaur Kids Camera

Little kids will love capturing pictures on this adorable dinosaur shaped camera!

Binoculars for Kids

Binoculars are tons of fun for kids outdoors – my kids each got a pair for Christmas one year and we take them hiking and on trips. We even took them on our cruise!

Instant Print Camera for Kids

This digital camera prints pictures on the go, perfect for a bit more analog fun, in a digital world.

Outdoor Comfort and Relaxation

Kids gotta be cozy, even outdoors! Here are some camping comfort gift ideas!

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Cutie Pie Butterfly Folding Lawn and Camping Chair

Let your little camper relax in style with the Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Chair – the perfect foldable seat for outdoor adventures!

Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock

Elevate their camping experience with the Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock! This cozy hammock is perfect for little adventurers, indoors and out. Hang it up and swing into camping fun!

Lighting and Nighttime Adventures

Camping at night means you’re in the dark. Kids love flashlights outside – here are some cute options!

Coleman Kids’ Adventure LED Camp Lantern

Light up their camping adventures with the Coleman Kids’ Adventure LED Camp Lantern. Perfect for little explorers!

Triceratops LED Headlamp

Roaring fun meets outdoor adventures with the Dinosaur Headlamp for Kids! Perfect for camping trips, this headlamp adds a dino-mite twist to exploration. Ideal for boys and girls with a love for dinosaurs! 

PAW Patrol Squeeze Flashlight Marshall

Marshall from PAW Patrol is here to light up your child’s camping adventure with this fun squeeze flashlight! 

LED Camping Lantern & Headlamp Set for Kids

Let their outdoor explorations shine with this LED Camping Lantern & Headlamp Set! Perfect for kids to light up indoors and out.

Interactive and Educational Camping Tools

Here are some fun interactive games and activities to take camping with you and your kids!

Found It Outdoor, Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Get ready for a fun and adventurous camping trip with the Card Game – Found It Outdoor! Perfect for kids and the whole family to enjoy together.

Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids

Is there anything more fun than walkie talkies? These are super cute and oh so much fun for camping and at home.

Interactive Kids Camping Journal

Keep their camping memories alive with this Interactive Kids Camping Journal! From camp games to sketches, it’s the perfect way for young explorers to document their outdoor adventures.

Toy Bubble Backpack Leaf Blower

Little kids will be bored sitting at a campsite. A bubble leaf blower is tons of fun, outdoor entertainment!

Kids Karaoke Machine

Elevate your camping nights with a delightful sing-along around the campfire! This Kids Karaoke Machine, complete with a wireless microphone, will have your little ones serenading the wilderness.

Whatever your kids are into, camping toys will help them be creative, curious, and outdoors! I hope that these gifts help you create a lifetime of memories and a lifelong love of nature with your children.

Thanks for reading!

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