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Christmas experience gift ideas for toddlers + preschoolers

Does a kid in your life have plenty of toys? Give them the gift of an experience! Here are a TON of ideas for Christmas experience gifts for kids.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine have a TON of toys.

And, not to sound ungrateful in the least, but sometimes I groan when holidays come up and I know that gifts will be involved.

The last thing that we need is an influx of small plastic toys.

The thing about new toys is that they are fun for a minute and then they get abandoned and become a burden – we have to store them and I feel guilty donating or trashing them if a relative spent their money on it.

I understand that people get joy from watching kids unwrap toys, but experiences are so much better.

It’s important to remember that Christmas is super stressful – even for kids. There are many ways to reduce holiday stress for kids, and one of them is actually to have less gifts and less overwhelm.

Experiences for kids allow you to make memories that you will keep way longer than a plastic toy!

The best kid experience gifts are in line with their interests. So, if they are passionate about animals, make it an animal experience! If they love outer space, plan a space-themed day!

How to gift an experience to kids

Kids want to unwrap something on Christmas or their birthday! If you are giving an experience gift for toddlers, you still want to wrap something up.

The easiest way to do this is to come up with something related and wrap that. Something that could be a “clue” for older kids!


Christmas experience gift ideas for toddlers + preschoolers

Here are my favorite experience gifts to give kids!

  1. Magazine subscription (Highlights magazine is our fave!)
  2. Kid’s activity subscription box (such at Koala Crate)
  3. Hair bow subscription (we use Little Poppy Co!)
  4. Video subscription such as Disney Plus
  5. Baking supplies – and then you bake together!
  6. Instrument lessons – simple things like Kindermusik for younger kids
  7. Membership to a zoo, aquarium, children’s museum, waterpark
  8. Tickets to a concert or show
  9. Extra classes like ballet or karate
  10. A family vacation (who wouldn’t like a vacation as a Christmas gift!)
  11. An adventure like rock climbing wall
  12. Tickets to a skating rink
  13. Gift card to a favorite restaurant – a one-on-one “date night” with a parent or grandparent is great if there are a lot of siblings!
  14. Tickets to a sporting event
  15. Trampoline play space passes
  16. Treasure hunt
  17. Great Wolf Lodge visit
  18. Gardening supplies + do a garden together!
  19. Camping supplies + go camping together
  20. “gift certificate” to build a giant fort in your living room and have a camp out
  21. Bowling passes
  22. Petting zoo or farm visit
  23. Game night or sleepover with grandparent/aunt/cousin/someone special to spend time with

What are some of the other best experience gifts for kids?!

Thanks for reading!

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