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35 Homemade toys for kids

Want to make toys yourself? Here are a ton of ideas for homemade toys for kids and toddlers that you can start making today!

Kids accumulate a lot of toys (that’s why I push for giving kids experiences as gifts!)

If you’re sick of buying plastic junk – or just want to make something with your own hands, DIY toys are a great idea for a gift for kids of any age!

Handmade kids toys ideas

Handmade kids toys generally fall into one of a few categories:

  • Wooden toys
  • Sewn toys
  • Dolls, doll furniture, doll clothes, doll accessories
  • Busy board and activity type toys
  • Puzzles & games

Be sure to check out my list of 26 DIY wooden toys for kids, too!

Handmade toys as gifts

Handmade toys are a great gift idea for toddlers and kids. Gifts that are made with love by family members and friends will carry special meaning and memories for decades to come!

35 best homemade toys for kids

Homemade toys for kids

I have rounded up a ton of easy toys to make! I hope that these DIY toy ideas inspire you to get crafting!

Homemade toys for kids

Here are a TON of ideas for homemade toys that you can make for your kids or for gifts!

What are your favorite homemade toy ideas?!

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