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Where to get giant squishmallows

Looking for Giant Squishmallows? Here are all of the best places to shop for giant squishmallows and tips to get the one that you want!

Squishmallows have become a super popular and trending toy in recent years, with their soft, squishy texture and adorable designs.

But if you’re looking for something even bigger and cozier, you might be wondering where to find giant squishmallows.

In this post, we’ll explore the best places to look for these oversized plush toys, as well as some tips for making sure you get the one you want.

where to get giant squishmallows
squishmallows on a shelf

What Are Giant Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are super soft and squishy stuffed animals. They have stretchy, velvety soft fabric and a super squishy stuffing.

Squishmallows have been virally popular and come in a lot of sizes including: 3.5” (Clip), 5”, 7″, 8”, 11″, 12”, 13”, 14″, 16”, 20”, and 24”.

Giant squishmallows are larger versions of the popular squishmallow plush toys. While regular squishmallows typically measure between 5 and 16 inches in length, giant squishmallows can be as large as 24 inches.

People who like squishmallows LOVE giant Squishmallows. At 24 inches across, they are halfway to a beanbag and ultra cozy to snuggle up on.

The most obvious difference between giant squishmallows and their smaller counterparts is their size. Giant squishmallows offer a more huggable, snuggly experience due to their larger size. They’re perfect for lounging on, cuddling with, or using as a pillow.

Another key difference is that giant squishmallows often come in different designs and characters than the regular-sized versions. Some popular designs may be exclusive to the giant size, making them highly sought after by collectors and fans.

Overall, the larger size and unique design options make giant squishmallows stand out from regular squishmallows and offer a different kind of comfort and cuteness.

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Where to Find Giant Squishmallows

You can generally find Giant Squishmallows online, at specialty stores, at local toy stores, or via social media.

Be sure to check online such as Facebook Marketplace,. eBay, or Mercari for individuals who may be selling their giant Squishmallows!

Does Costco sell giant Squishmallows?

Costco does sell large Squishmallows but the largest that I have ever seen there is the 16″!

Popular Giant Squishmallows

Here are some of the most popular squishmallows that currently come in the 24″ XL size:

squishmallow pile

Tips for Getting the Squishmallow You Want

Giant Squishmallows are a hot commodity and can sell out quickly. Here are some tips to help you snag the giant squishmallow of your dreams.

Set up alerts

Setting up alerts on retailer websites can notify you when your desired squishmallow is in stock so you can act quickly.

Be prepared to act fast

Popular Squishmallow designs may sell out quickly, so it’s important to be ready to make a purchase when you see one you want

Consider pre-ordering

Pre-ordering new releases or popular designs can help to ensure you get the one you want.

Check with multiple retailers

Squishmallows can vary in availability and pricing from retailer to retailer, so it’s a good idea to check multiple options before making a purchase.

Giant squishmallows can be a cozy and comforting addition to any home or collection, and with a little effort, they’re not too hard to find.

By checking with popular retailers, specialty stores, local retailers, and social media shops, and following some tips for snagging the one you want, you’ll be able to add a giant squishmallow to your collection in no time!

Before you go…

If you’re laying on giant squishmallows, they are going to get dirty! Be sure to hop over to my guide on how to wash squishmallows!

Any more questions about giant squishmallows?!?

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