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Are squishmallows fidgets?

Wondering Are squishmallows fidgets? Let’s talk about what a squishmallow is, what a fidget is, and if these qualify!

Kids love squishmallows. But are they fidgets?

Whether you are trying to get one at your desk at school or just curious, let’s talk about it!

What is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are extremely soft, squishy stuffed animals. They range in size from 3 inch keychain to 24 inch extra large.

They are as soft as marshmallows and relaxing to squeeze and cuddle.

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What is a fidget?

Fidgets are small objects that can be pulled, squeezed, or moved around in your hand. They provide sensory input in a non-distracting way.

Just like many people jiggle their foot or tap a pen, fidgets provide an outlet for movement.

Fidget toys should be small, quiet, and non-distracting for others.

Here is a great, detailed explanation of what is a fidget toy!

are squishmallows fidgets

Are Squishmallows fidgets?

Small squishmallows that can fit in your hand are acceptable fidgets. Large squishmallows are going to be distracting and are therefore not ideal as fidgets.

Of course, you will have to follow the rules of any school or location with limits on fidget toys! This is just guidance.

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