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Are squishmallows safe for babies?

Wondering are squishmallows safe for babies? Let’s talk about everything you need to consider before gifting one to a little one!

Squishmallows are ultra popular pillowy stuffed animals.

They are SO SOFT, SO SQUISHY, and come in tons of different characters. It’s no wonder they are popular with all ages.

So, they might seem like the perfect gift for a baby. Let’s talk about if squshmallows are safe for babies!

squishmallows on a shelf
are squishmallows safe for babies

Are squishmallows safe for babies?

Let’s talk about when and where a baby can have a squishmallow!

Can a baby sleep with a squishmallow?

The official AAP recommendation is that NOTHING be in the crib with a baby before the age of 12 months.

Babies don’t have much control over their bodies and could roll against a stuffed animal and suffocate.

Babies should NEVER sleep with a squishmallow.

It is safest to wait until your baby is sleeping in a non-enclosed space – like a toddler bed (vs a crib) before introducing a lovey at night.

Of course, smaller squishmallows will be easier to introduce than larger ones! The AAP says loveys are OK starting around 15 months old.

I would treat larger squishmallows as pillows, which the AAP recommends babies not sleep with until 18 months old!

Can a baby play with a squishmallow?

However, there is zero reason why a baby can’t play with a squishmallow! They can even use them under their bellies and chests for a bit of elevated tummy time! Completely supervised, of course.

You can also always display a beautiful squishmallow on a baby’s shelf or toy basket. They will be old enough to play with them and sleep with them before you know it!

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