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Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids (Free printable!)

Want to get your kids outside this winter? Let’s go on a scavenger hunt! Here’s how to plan a Winter Scavenger Hunt for kids and a free PDF printable!

Winter is a cold weather time of year, but at least here in the south it’s actually more bearable than summer some times!

As a parent, I try not to structure my kids time too much, but sometimes they need some kind of activity or we all quickly get restless.

One of my favorite outdoor activities is a nature scavenger hunt (and then later, nature art!)

The beauty of a nature hunt is basically an i-spy game. Give them a list of things to look for, and then let them run wild and really lead the play.

The winter nature scavenger hunt is great because it’s hard to motivate kids to get up and get outside this time of year. Having a structured activity can help!

As far as winter activities with kids go, this is a super fun and absolutely free one.

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free printable winter nature hunt

Winter Scavenger Hunt Free Printable PDF

Get a free printable PDF to take on your scavenger hunt with you! Click here to sign up for access to our free printables library! We also have a Christmas Decorations scavenger hunt in there!

Winter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Nature-based items will vary depending on your location. We live in South Carolina and so these are all items that we have in our neighborhood in the winter months.

Here are some things that you might look for on your fun winter scavenger hunt:

  • Leaves – green, brown, pine needles, pine cones
  • Bugs – ants, spiders, dragon flies
  • Animals – squirrels, chipmunks, birds
  • Nature – sticks, rocks, gum balls, pine straw, stones, moss
  • Decor – ornaments, stars, lights, trees

Depending on where you are hunting, you may be able to bring home some of your finds! We love bringing home sticks, leaves, and other goodies to use for nature paintings!

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Plus, our kids have a big bucket in the garage they fill with their finds and once it’s full we go throw them (one by one) into the pond!

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free printable winter scavenger hunt for kids

How to do a nature winter scavenger hunt

First, make a treasure hunt list. You could use our free printable winter scavenger hunt or make your own.

Then, head outdoors! Go to a woodsy type area if possible. We like to go on the far side of a pond in our neighborhood on a dirt trail.

Look and see if you can find the items on the list!

For older kids, consider discussing:

  • What does the object feel like?
  • What does the object smell like?
  • Was this thing here in the Summer? In the Spring? In the Fall?
  • Is it heavy? Light?
winter nature scavenger hunt

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