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The best Brainrich Alternatives

Want a Brainrich gym but can’t get one right now? Here are the best Brainrich alternatives for kids of all ages!

Brainrich makes indoor jungle gyms for kids. They are super popular as a big gift – especially at the holiday season.

Whether the Brainrich gyms have sold out for the year or you just need a cheaper option, today I want to talk about the best Brainrich alternatives.

the best brainrich alternatives

The best Brainrich Alternatives

There are 3 main Brainrich alternatives that could be great options for your family.

EZ Play

EZ Play Koala

EZ Play is another brand of indoor jungle gyms.

They climbers are wooden and designed in more of a triangular shape for climbing. The more deluxe options also have monkey bars and climbing nets.

I love the wooden look of these play sets – they look like beautiful furniture.

I also love that a lot of them include slides and swings.

The weight limit is 70 pounds per kid, 120 pounds total.

Their smaller “panda” design is for kids ages 18 months to 4 years, making this my pick for indoor jungle gyms for toddlers. The larger play sets are for ages 4 and up!

Fitness Kid

fitness kid jupiter blue

Fitness Kid is another great option for indoor kids gyms, including their popular Pegasus design.

The weight limit is also 220 pounds.

This is an awesome play gym that is tension mounted between the ceiling and the floors.

This model includes

  • Horizontal bar
  • Trapeze attachments
  • Climbing rope
  • Metal-based or plastic-covered rings (for better grip)
  • Basketball ring
  • Gymnastics rings
  • Ladder
  • Curved ladder
  • Rope ladder
  • Monkey bars

This model is definitely designed for kids ages 4 and up.

This is another great set for bigger kids. I really love the add on basketball hoop!


gym1 indoor kids play gym

Gym1 is my pick if you want a play gym but don’t have much space.

It’s basically a doorway pull up bar (haha my husband had one of those when we met!) But, you can swap in a climbing ladder, swing, or trapeze rings!

This is awesome for people who want to get in on the fun but don’t have a huge playroom or don’t want their playroom dominated by a play gym.

Other ideas

If you have younger kids and are less committed to the jungle gym idea, consider:

Any other Brainrich alternatives that I have missed?

Thanks for reading!

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