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The 12 best gluten-free freezer meals for new moms

Whether you want to make meals for yourself postpartum or a friend, you’ll love these gluten-free freezer meal ideas for new moms!

Being a new parent is rough. You are up around the clock and completely knocked off of your usual schedules and rhythms.

One of the worst parts, for me, of being home with a newborn was the fact that the world went on. You still have to do laundry, take the dog out, and yes, make dinner.

This is especially true if the new parents have other kids at home. They are still hungry! A lot!

I’ve talked a lot about the best gifts for new moms and I stand by the fact that food is the very best gift that you can give.

Here are all of our favorite freezer meals for new parents!

Giving frozen meals as a gift to new parents

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to new parents is a delicious meal.

Why make freezer meals for new parents?

The best gifts we ever got after our babies were born was food. Sometimes we had friends send delivery food and that was great.

But having local friends bring meals over just meant that we didn’t have to do meal planning, we didn’t have to think, we just ate. That’s what you really want after having a newborn!

What is a good meal to bring a new mom?

Here are some things I like to keep in mind when bringing food to someone after their baby arrives:

  • Do they have other kids? Be sure it is kid/toddler/whoever friendly
  • What do they like to eat normally? If you know they love Mexican food for example, that would be a real treat?
  • What take out do they get? They are probably ordering takeout right about now, so try to think of something different. If they always order pizza, don’t bring a frozen pizza.
  • Do they tend to eat healthy or prefer comfort food?

When in doubt, text or call someone other than the mom (such as the dad, or her family member or a mutual friend) and ask!

Feeling lazy? Here are the best ready-to-eat meals for new parents you can get at Costco!

Don’t forget side dishes + dessert

Beggars can’t be choosers, but especially if you are making frozen meals for new parents as a gift, try to really make it a rounded out meal!

It feels extra special to have extra sides and a dessert. I’ll tell you, after my son was born, someone brought us a meal that included a big pan of brownies. The brownies were such a treat I kept them all to my self!

Sides could be as simple as a frozen veggie or garlic bread, or even a bag of ready-to-eat salad mix. If the new parents already have a small child, you can’t go wrong throwing in a bag of frozen french fries or nuggets!

Things to keep in mind when gifting freezable meal recipes for new moms

  • Always use disposable dishes or things you don’t want back. No new parent wants to be washing and returning your casserole dish!
  • Be sure to ask if there are any dietary restrictions or special needs. Some breast feeding moms have to go gluten free or dairy free suddenly to deal with newborn digestive issues.
  • Check to see if they have a crock pot or instant pot before gifting a frozen meal that requires one.
  • If your meal is complemented well with a sauce – like barbecue sauce, sour cream, or salad dressing – throw in a bottle. Nothing worse than having to eat a dry baked potato, and new parent’s fridges aren’t always stocked!

Easy freezer meals for new moms to make themselves

It’s also great to make frozen meals before your baby is born so that you have ready to go meals for yourself. Nothing wrong with that!

When should I make freezer meals during my pregnancy?

Frozen food is generally good for about 3 months. If you want to have food for the first two months after having a baby, aim to make the meals during the final 30 days leading up to your due date!

Try to batch your cooking in one meal prep day and recruit a friend or family member to help!

How many freezer meals should you make before baby?

Honestly, the limit on frozen meals to make before baby arrives is your freezer space. The more meals you have, the better. Remember to leave room in the freezer for breast milk storage if you plan to breastfeed – the first few weeks are really wild.

When you are making meals for yourself, double or triple the recipe. It is no extra work and results in extra nights you won’t have to worry in the future!

Gluten-Free friends?

It can be hard to come up with a gluten-free recipe idea if you are used to making food with gluten in it. So, hopefully, this guide will help to inspire you!

Here are some of my favorite freezer friendly gluten-free meals to make for new parents!

the ultimate guide to gluten free freezer meals for new parents

The best gluten-free freezer meals for new moms

Want to treat the new parents in your life to a good, gluten free meal? Here are some freezer friendly meals to inspire you.

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