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39 easy and delicious one-pot meals for new moms

Want to prep meals for new parents – or are you a new parent yourself? Here are a ton of ideas for one-pot meals for new moms and parents!

When you are a new parent, your life can feel like a fog.

When I had my first child, luckily I was able to adapt and just eat whatever whenever and bend to his schedule.

But, with baby #2 I had a one year old at home and he had to eat when he was used to eating, which added an extra pressure onto everything.

New parents usually don’t have much energy for cooking. Thats why I love one pot meals – they are easy, convenient, quick, and have a lot less clean up than traditional many-pot meals.

one pot meals for new parents

Benefits of One-Pot Meals

There are a bunch of reasons why one pot meals are awesome – especially when you are tired or busy!

  • Save time and effort with simple meals
  • Less clean-up with less pots and pans
  • Fewer dishes to wash compared to dirtying up tons of pans
  • More time to spend with baby since you’re doing less cooking
  • Versatile and can be adjusted to different dietary needs
  • Great for meal planning and can easily be prepped in advance and even frozen!

Tips for Making One-Pot Meals

Here are some tips for making one-pot meals easier and more enjoyable:

Choose the right pot

Choose a pot that is large enough to accommodate all the ingredients for your one-pot meal. A pot that is too small can cause overcrowding and uneven cooking.

Prep ingredients in advance

Prep all your ingredients before starting to cook can help you to save time and ensure everything is ready to go.

This includes washing and chopping vegetables, measuring out spices and seasonings, and having any proteins ready to add to the pot.

These are things that you could do earlier in the day when baby is sleeping (I know, I know, but it can work) or even earlier in the week and store in the fridge.

Brown meats first

If using meat in your one-pot meal, brown it first in the pot before adding any other ingredients. This will add flavor and depth to the dish.

Of course, follow your recipe, but this is a general rule of thumb.

Layer ingredients wisely

Layer your ingredients carefully in the pot to ensure even cooking.

Start with the ingredients that will take the longest to cook, such as root vegetables or tougher cuts of meat, and add more delicate ingredients later or on top.

Add liquids in stages

Add liquids, such as broth or water, in stages to ensure the right consistency and prevent the dish from becoming too watery or dry.

Add just enough liquid to cover the ingredients and adjust as needed. You can always add more, but it can be hard to drain excess liquid off.

Keep the lid on

Keep the lid on the pot as much as possible to trap in heat and moisture, which will help the ingredients cook evenly and prevent the dish from drying out.

Don’t over-stir

Resist the urge to stir your one-pot meal too frequently, as this can cause the ingredients to break down and become mushy.

Instead, gently shake the pot to distribute the ingredients.

Adjust seasoning at the end

Taste your one-pot meal and adjust seasoning as needed at the end of cooking, once all the ingredients have had a chance to meld together. This will ensure the dish is flavorful and well-balanced.

the best one pot meals for new parents

One-Pot Meal Ideas

Here are a ton of my favorite easy and delicious one-pot meal ideas for new moms!

easy and delicious one-pot meals for new moms

Having a new baby at home is rough! Here are some one pot meals to make for new parents or for new parents to make for themselves!

What are you cooking up lately?

Thanks for reading!

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