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Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks Review

We hope this review of the Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks is helpful to you! We recently purchased these from Amazon and installed them ourselves. It took about 30 minutes to install them all and it wasn’t hard. Here’s what we think of them!


Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks

The Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks are a new spin on the classic plastic latches that we had when I was a kid. Instead of using your finger to push down a plastic latch, these locks use magnets.

eco baby cabinet locks

How to Install Eco-Baby Locks

The locks are relatively simple to install, however there isn’t much room for error.

The best thing to do is to install the locks just to the inside of your cabinet’s handle. This way, you can unlock them and pull them open in one motion.

The simplified instructions are to pull off the Command Strip on both pieces, line them up on the cabinet and the door and press into place to attach.

The instructions for installation include a clear plastic card that says to stick it on the cabinet, place the cabinet piece, close the door, and the plastic card should stick to the cabinet door so you know where to attach the door piece. That didn’t work for us, so here’s what we did.

eco baby cabinet locks installed on cabinet

Start by attaching the angled wedge piece to the cabinet. Measure (or approximate) how far in from the edge of the opening this will go. Remove the strip and press into place.

eco baby cabinet locks installed on cabinet door

Next, align the latch door piece for installation. Since the plastic card didn’t work, here was our hack for this. First, remove the Command Strip from the back. Next, place the latch on the angled door piece like it will rest when closed. Close the door and press the piece firmly to the door to attach.

eco baby cabinet locks installed on cabinet door

This is easily done if you can reach these pieces through another cabinet. If you can’t do that, you need to close the door until it touches the latch, then open the door and press firmly.

How to Operate Eco-Baby Safety Locks

With the locks in place, there’s only one way to open them. The Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks are disengaged using a magnet that is provided. It looks like a mushroom cap and is plastic with a magnet inside.

using a magnet to unlock a eco baby cabinet lock

To open the cabinet, simply place the magnet over the area that has the latch. This will disengage the magnet on the other side. This is why it is best to install the latches right next to your cabinet pull, so you can do all of this in one motion.

Store the magnet in a drawer or attach it to a magnetic surface, like your fridge or microwave.

magnet for eco baby cabinet lock

Do Eco-Baby Safety Locks work?

Yes, the Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks work really well. They are very sturdy and hold the door locked. There is no way to open the cabinets without the magnet or a lot of force. They easily keep our child out of the cabinets.

baby trying to unlock cabinet

Would you recommend Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks?

Honestly, probably not. Yes, they work really well. However, it is annoying to have to grab the magnet to disengage the latch every time. When cooking dinner and needing to get into the cabinet three or four times, it’s very annoying. After several weeks of having them installed, we still don’t think to grab the magnet before reaching for a cabinet. I would prefer an option that let me open the latch easier, but that would also probably be easier for our child.

Do Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks affect slow close doors?

Nope. We installed slow-close hinges a couple years ago and there is no problem. Once the latch hits, it latches quickly and smoothly and doesn’t impact the slow close doors.

What is Eco about the Eco-Baby Magnetic Safety Locks?

I really don’t know. There’s no energy used, but I wouldn’t imagine any other options would use energy either. They came with a lot of packaging which doesn’t seem very eco-friendly to me. Maybe the production of the locks is eco-friendly, but that isn’t clearly stated anywhere.

Thanks for reading!

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