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Reindeer lollipop gift tag – easy Christmas class gift idea!

Looking for an easy Christmas class gift idea? Here is a free printable reindeer lollipop gift tag, perfect for Christmas with kids!

I have to admit, I am “that mom” who is always sending treats and class gifts into school for different holidays. I’m lucky to be able to do it and I really enjoy the process of coming up with cute things to send in.

However, I really try to not send in plastic junk. I know that the last thing I want is more clutter in my home!

So, I stick to consumable gift ideas. Today I want to share a super adorable class gift idea – red lollipops in Rudolph’s nose!

These are easy and inexpensive to make (you could use smaller dum dums to make it even cheaper!) but I will warn you – there is a lot of cutting involved.

I wish I had cut these out on my Cricut but by the time I realized it, I had already printed 21 copies.

So, my husband and I sat down to watch a Christmas movie with a pair of scissors. How romantic!

Haha, anyways, here’s how to make your own – and be sure to grab out free printable tag to make it extra easy!

reindeer sucker gift tags

How to Assemble Your Reindeer Lollipop gift tag

Here’s how easy it is to put together these sucker class gifts!

reindeer sucker christmas class gift tags

Materials Needed:

Steps to Reindeer Sucker Class Gifts:

  1. Print out your card template. If you have smaller lollipops – use the one with 2 per page. For larger suckers, choose the second page which is just 1 tag per page.
  2. Print one card per student.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the outline of the tag.
  4. Cut into the nose by gently folding it in half, snipping the middle of the nose, and cutting out and along the line.
  5. Fold in half so the two mirror image reindeers are on the outside and line up perfectly.
  6. Write your child’s name on the back where it says From Your Friend.
  7. Use a hole punch to punch out the white hole in the center.
  8. Thread in your lollipop stick.
  9. Add double stick tape to the antlers or top of the head. Press firmly to stick the 2 sides together.
  10. Repeat for each child in the class!

Free printable reindeer gift tag

I designed a cute and simple reindeer lollipop gift tag.

reindeer sucker gift tag mockup

This file includes 2 pages. The first page is 2 smaller sets – better for dum dums or similar sized suckers. The second page is larger and what I used for the big 2″ across lollipops.

Download it by clicking here or using the widget below!

reindeer sucker christmas class gift tags

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Thanks for reading!

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