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Play Doh Class Christmas Gift tag – free printable!

Looking for a simple gift to give to kids at school? Here is a play doh Christmas gift idea with a DIY wooden stamper and free printable gift tag!

This is Luke’s first holiday season in a preschool, and of course I wanted to do a little something for his classmates.

He only has 3 other kids in his class, but this could easily work for classes of any size!

Don’t want to gift play dough? These homemade melted crayon Christmas ornaments or these Homemade cinnamon spice ornaments are other great class or teacher gift ideas!

Play doh is super popular with this age of kiddo, so I decided to make a simple play doh gift bag!

play doh christmas class gift idea

How to make a play doh class Christmas gift

These are super simple and fun gifts to give out to kids in class!

What you need for a play doh class gift:

Want to take this gift to the next level? Pair it with a free printable Christmas playdough mat or this homemade gingerbread playdough recipe!

play doh class christmas gift idea

Into each bag I put 3 small play dohs, a cookie cutter, a wood stamp, and a little gift tag! Super simple!

If there are more kids in the class, you can definitely do just 1 play doh. I just had the huge pack of them and only 3 bags to make!

I chose to put mine in small gift bags. I would have preferred the clear goodie bags tied with ribbon, but my Walmart was out of them and I didn’t feel like shopping around!

how to make a wooden play doh stamp

How to make a wooden play doh stamp

This stamp is totally optional for this gift (a cookie cutter + play doh is plenty!) but I was making them for my kids anyways, so I had the supplies on hand to make more!

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Be sure your wooden blocks are very smooth so as not to splinter small hands. Sand if needed.
  2. Select six wooden shapes for each block.
  3. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the first shape and press into one side of the cube.
  4. Let dry for 2-3 minutes, then rotate and repeat for all 6 sides.
  5. Let dry completely over night.
contents of a christmas play doh bag

Free printable play doh gift tag

I have dropped the JPG of the gift tag that I used (without Luke’s name on it of course) into my free printables library! Click here to access it!

Thanks for reading!

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