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28 pixie dust gift ideas for a Disney cruise

Planning to Pixie Dust on your Disney trip? Here are a ton of pixie dust gift ideas for a disney cruise!

There are a lot of fun and magical elements about going on a Disney cruise. From the character greetings to the very friendly staff, it really is a wonderful, magical atmosphere.

One thing that took our cruise to the next level was the pixie dust thing that my kids and family received on this trip.

We had so much joy giving and receiving pixie dust gifts that I had to come and share everything we learned with you here.

Today I’m going to talk about pixie dust, what it is, gift ideas, and a ton of tips and tricks for you on your Disney cruise.

Pixie Dust Ideas for Disney Cruise

What is Pixie Dust?

Pixie Dust is a small gift or gesture of goodwill shared to spread the magic when at Disney. On a Disney cruise, this most often comes from small gifts shared between passengers.

What is the difference between Pixie Dusting and Fish Extenders?

Pixie Dust swaps go hand and hand with Fish Extender Gifts in that many of the same people participate. But, Fish Extender is an organized gift exchange where you are assigned specific people to give more medium sized gifts to.

Pixie Dusting is intended to be random and little small things just to bring a smile to someone’s face.

How do you pack all of this stuff for a cruise?

For our 7 day cruise, we had a whole entire (small) rolling suitcase just of gifts. I know, I know, I know. Believe me, my husband kept calling it my “suitcase of gifts for strangers”.

You are not charged per bag and you are allocated 2 bags per person. It was no issue for me to have an extra bag!

finding items in our fish extender disney cruise

Pixie Dust Gifting Etiquette

When it comes to Pixie Dust gifting on a Disney cruise, adhering to certain etiquette guidelines ensures that the magic is spread in a thoughtful and respectful way. Here are some key considerations:

Respect Personal Space and Time

Always be mindful of personal boundaries and respect fellow cruisers’ privacy. Don’t approach someone with a Pixie Dust gift if they seem busy or uninterested.

Likewise, don’t be offended if someone declines a gift – they may simply be busy (or confused) or practicing their own Pixie Dust gifting etiquette.

Inclusive Gifting

While it’s common to exchange Pixie Dust gifts, remember that it’s not obligatory. Some cruisers may choose to participate while others may not.

Avoid making anyone feel left out or pressured to participate.

Label as much as possible

Labeling gifts as pixie dust serves a few purposes.

First, it eliminates confusion. If you just leave a bottle opener at someones door, they might think it was dropped and lost. A labeled note makes it clear that it is a gift.

Second, I always suggest labeling with your cabin number. My kids loved getting gifts with their cabin number on it so we could reciprocate!

Avoid Overloading

While the spirit of giving is heartwarming, be cautious not to go overboard with the number or size of gifts.

Keep in mind that everyone has limited packing space, and excessive gifting can be overwhelming.

People can also feel awkward if you give them something perceived as too nice/expensive and they don’t have anything in return. Keep it simple!

Consider Safety

Some gifts may not be suitable for all ages or have safety concerns. For instance, avoid gifting small objects that could be a choking hazard to young children.

Ensure that your Pixie Dust is safe for its intended recipient.

Mind Cultural Sensitivities

Disney cruises attract a diverse crowd from around the world. Be aware of cultural differences and customs that may affect the way gifts are received.

What’s considered endearing in one culture might be seen differently in another.

Keep It Disney-Themed

While it’s not mandatory, Pixie Dust gifts are often Disney-themed. This enhances the magical atmosphere of the cruise.

However, feel free to get creative and customize gifts to suit the recipient’s preferences, especially for crew members.

disney cruise pixie dust items

Crew Members Appreciation

When giving Pixie Dust to cruise staff, remember that they work hard to make your cruise memorable. Be respectful and appreciative in your interactions.

Simple gestures like a thank-you note can go a long way.

Respect the Ship Environment

Maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of the ship. Avoid leaving Pixie Dust gifts in public areas that might create litter.

If you spot Pixie Dust gifts on the ground, it’s a nice gesture to pick them up and place them in a more appropriate location.

Use Discretion

Sometimes, part of the fun of Pixie Dust is the element of surprise. Use discretion when delivering your gifts, especially if they are meant to be a surprise.

Avoid revealing your identity unless it’s part of the Pixie Dust experience.

Share the Joy

If you receive a Pixie Dust gift, consider sharing the joy with others.

For example, if you receive a little trinket or note you don’t need to take home with you, you can pass it along to someone else who might appreciate it, continuing the cycle of Pixie Dust.

disney cruise gift items

Pixie Dust Delivery Tips

You have a few options when it comes to delivering Pixie Dust: drop it off anonymously or hand it to people.

It is easiest to drop Pixie Dust into fish extenders hanging on stateroom doors. If someone has a fish extender, they are likely to be into gift exchanges!

Also, fish extenders are often decorated to give you an idea of who is in the room IE gender, kids vs adults, etc.

We did this a lot when we were walking the halls. I would bring a baggie of gifts and my kids loved dropping them wherever we saw fish extenders.

But, you can also leave them at or on doors with no hanger. Spread the love to everyone!

You can also hand small gifts out to people. For example, on Pirate Night, my kids gave gold coins to anyone dressed up in pirate gear.

This obviously involves more human interaction. Depending on your or your child’s personality, it might be a hit or they might prefer something more anonymous!

rubber ducks disney cruise

Pixie Dusting Gift Ideas

Here are a ton of ideas for Pixie Dust gifts to bring on your trip!

Pixie Dust Ideas for Kids

Here are some age-appropriate Pixie Dust ideas for young cruisers.

disney cruise sprinkle pixie dust

Pixie Dust Ideas for Adults

Here are thoughtful and fun gift ideas for adult cruisers.

We also saw some people who were Castaway Club members giving away their gifts such as lanyards or bags if they already have them. I thought that was super nice!

Pixie Dust Ideas for Cruise Staff

Here are some small gift ideas to show appreciation for the hardworking cruise staff.

  • Hand written thank you note
  • Cash (haha, but really!)
  • Gift card somewhere generic like Amazon (remember they can’t easily get off the ship too often)
  • A note or letter to their supervisor saying what a great job they did
  • Mini care package

The best gift you can probably give the staff is to be kind and not be a huge slob!

Pirate Night Pixie Dust Ideas

Pirate night is a fun tradition on many Disney cruises. Here are some Pirate-themed gift ideas:

DIY Pixie Dust Creations

Get crafty with DIY Pixie Dust gifts!

  • Bookmarks
  • Cricut-decorated crafts
  • Magnets
  • Friendship bracelets

Disney cruises are magical, and adding Pixie Dust to your trip is a great way to make it even more magical!

Any more questions about Pixie Dusting?

Thanks for reading!

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