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42 Christmas Squishmallows & where to find them!

Want to add a holiday squishmallow to your collection? Here are some of the best Christmas squishmallows and where to buy them!

Squishmallows are super popular stuffed animals because they are ultra soft and as squishy as pillows. They are the coziest stuffed animal!

They’ve gone viral – and for a good reason!

There’s so many different squishmallows to pick from, today I want to talk about festive squishmallows coming out for Christmas.

Let’s dive into all the options!

target christmas squishmallows

Festive Squishmallows: A Christmas Must-Have

There are a ton of options for Christmas – themed squishmallows.

There are lots of Christmas – specific designs, like Santas and elves, and there are some that are a little bit more vaguely holiday-esque.

I love a squishmallow for a Christmas gift and larger ones make great decorations, too!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Squishmallow

When you’re hunting for your perfect Christmas stuffed animal, consider what size you want, the design you’re looking for, and any other factors that are important to you.

Squishmallows come in anything from giant to a keychain size, so you really need to think hard about what you have the room for in your home.

Be sure to check out all the different designs as well, and pick one that matches your personal aesthetic.

Of course, be sure to always buy from reputable stores so you can avoid counterfeit products. You are most likely to get bootleg knock offs buying online from sketchy websites or random individuals. Big brand stores are not going to sell counterfeit squishmallows!

Where to Find the Best Christmas Squishmallows: Top Picks

Her are the top stores that offer a wide variety of Christmas Squishmallows.


Amazon is the first place that many people shop because it is quick and convenient and trustworthy. Luckily, they have lots of Christmas Squishmallows!

Here are my favorite picks:

amazon christmas squishmallows


Target is another great option for shopping for Squishmallows. I like shopping in person and love how convient it is!

Here are my favorites:

walmart christmas squishmallows


Walmart also offers online and in-person shopping and their famous affordable pricing. Here are my favorites:

What squishmallows are you looking for this holiday season?

Before you go…

Once you get those Squishmallows, they can get dirty very quickly. Be sure to check out our guide on how to wash squishmallows!

Thanks for reading!

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