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Christmas Nativity Scavenger Hunt for kids – free printable

Immerse your children in the magic of the season with our Christmas Nativity Scavenger Hunt for kids. Download our free printable, make every day a celebration, and watch as your little ones delight in finding the characters that bring the nativity story to life.

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, one of our cherished family traditions is attending the Nativity play. It’s a heartwarming experience, yet we know how restless small kids can get during the performance.

That’s where our secret weapon comes into play – a simple yet delightful Nativity Scavenger Hunt!

Imagine your little ones, wide-eyed with excitement, eagerly searching for Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, their tiny fingers pointing out angels, camels, and the guiding star. It’s not just a game; it’s a magical journey into the heart of the nativity story.

I’ve created a Nativity Scavenger Hunt that you can easily slip into your bag as you head to your church’s nativity play.

And guess what? It’s entirely visual – no reading required! Armed with crayons or markers, your kids can dive into the story, matching characters to their checklist items.

christmas nativity scavenger hunt free printable

The Christmas Nativity Scavenger Hunt Experience

Watching the Nativity is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. But, it can get a little restless for small kids.

Having a simple activity like a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep smaller kids engaged and excited as they take in a Nativity play.

That will make the whole event more enjoyable for everyone – adults included!

christmas nativity scavenger hunt mock up

Free Printable Nativity Scavenger Hunt

I have created a free printable scavenger hunt that you can pack in your bag for your church’s nativity story.

To make it as child-friendly as possible, the scavenger hunt is entirely visual – no reading required!

Just grab a couple of crayons or markers and let your kids look for each of the characters in the story.

Click here or click on the image below to download the free printable!

christmas nativity scavenger hunt mock up

The Nativity Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Prepare your little ones for an enchanting journey into the heart of the nativity story with our carefully crafted Nativity Scavenger Hunt Checklist.

The easiest thing is to download our free printable, but if you want to make your own list, here’s what to include.

Main Characters

  • Mary: The mother of Jesus, symbolizing love, devotion, and faith.
  • Joseph: The earthly father of Jesus, representing strength, protection, and responsibility.
  • Baby Jesus: The central figure, epitomizing hope, innocence, and the promise of a new beginning.


  • Sheep: Representing gentleness, peace, and followers of the Good Shepherd.
  • Donkey: Signifying humility and the journey of the Holy Family to Bethlehem.
  • Camel: A symbol of endurance, determination, and resilience


  • Angel Gabriel: The heavenly messenger who announced the birth of Jesus, symbolizing divine guidance and communication.
  • Heavenly Host (Angel Choir): Representing joy, celebration, and the harmonious presence of heavenly beings.

Additional Elements

  • Star: The guiding star that led the wise men to Jesus, symbolizing divine guidance and enlightenment.
  • Stable: The humble shelter where Jesus was born, showcasing simplicity, humility, and the acceptance of all.

As your children embark on this scavenger hunt, they’ll not only find these characters and elements but also uncover the profound meaning behind each, making the nativity story come alive in their hearts and minds.

my son at his first nativity with a real donkey!

Tips for a Memorable Nativity Scavenger Hunt

Here are some tips to make sure you make the most of this scavenger hunt!

  • Encourage Observation: Encourage your children to observe quietly, immersing themselves in the nativity scene. Whispering their findings not only maintains the solemn atmosphere of the show but also keeps children engaged as they search for characters.
  • Post-Scavenger Hunt Discussion: Take a few moments after the nativity show to discuss the characters’ roles and their significance in the Christmas story. This discussion not only reinforces what the children observed but also deepens their understanding of the nativity narrative, connecting the characters to the larger context of the birth of Jesus.
  • Engage Curiosity: Be sure to answer any questions your children might have during or after the scavenger hunt. Addressing them fosters curiosity and encourages them to learn more about the nativity story, turning the hunt into a spark for further exploration.
  • Interactive Learning: Try to engage in interactive learning activities related to the nativity characters found during the scavenger hunt. For example, you can read a short story about each character, emphasizing their role in the Christmas story. This approach enriches the children’s understanding and creates a more immersive learning experience.
  • Encourage Creativity: Nurture your children’s creativity by inviting them to draw or craft their favorite nativity character after the scavenger hunt. This creative expression allows children to engage with the story on a deeper level, making it a memorable and meaningful experience.

By incorporating these practical tips, the Nativity Scavenger Hunt becomes more than just a fun activity; it transforms into a rich learning experience, instilling the essence of the Christmas story in the hearts of young participants.

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