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Train sorting: a fun train activity for kids

Do your kids have a lot of trains? Here’s a fun learning activity with trains – train sorting!

My kids are Thomas the train obsessed. OBSESSED.

Because of that, we have accumulated quite a few trains. Like, two big baskets full.

The kids love building tracks and rolling them all around the loft, but sometimes I like to mix it up.

One train activity that I “invented” is train sorting. It’s super simple but, depending on how many trains you have, can actually fill a decent chunk of time.

kids sorting thomas the train toys

Train sorting is a great opportunity to teach younger toddlers about colors and have older more preschool aged kids talk about similarities or differences between different toys.

It’s a simple activity – but a total winner in our house!

Check out our other favorite train activity – the longest track!

train sorting activity for kids

Train sorting activity for kids

Train sorting is super easy for kids to figure out. Of course, younger toddlers will need a little more guidance to get started, but they will catch on quickly!

preschooler sorting colorful thomas trains

Supplies needed:

  • Basket or bucket
  • Toy trains
  • Open flat space like the floor
  • Optional: colored paper to match the trains
close up of thomas trains sorted by color

How to do train sorting:

  1. Give your kids a bucket or basket of trains
  2. Tell them to sort them by color
  3. For younger kids, lay out colored paper for them to match the colors to
  4. for older kids, after they sort by color, pick other ways to sort such as by size, by number of wheels, or any other aspects that your trains have!

What’s your favorite train activity for kids?

Thanks for reading!

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