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Thomas & Friends Super Station Review

Considering getting your kid a Thomas & Friends Super Station? Let’s talk about it – and how our 3 year old likes it! Here’s my Thomas & Friends Super Station Review!

I want to preface by saying this post was NOT sponsored and this product was NOT gifted. We paid full price (actually $20 off with a coupon, woot woot) on Amazon and just wanted to share our thoughts!

My 3 year old is completely Thomas the Train obsessed. We watch the show, listen to the music, listen to the podcast in the car. He wears the clothes, reads the books, and has the toys. Oh, he has so many trains.

For Christmas we wanted to give him something to really WOW him. It didn’t take much research to see that the Thomas & Friends Super Station was the perfect thing!

thomas and friends super station review

Thomas & Friends Super Station Review

If you are looking for a large Thomas the train toy to really occupy your child, then this is the perfect thing. They can imagine and play and really create small world adventures!

What is included with the Thomas & Friends Super Station?

You also get the following trains:

  • TrackMaster Thomas (runs by itself with switch)
  • Adventures Percy (smaller hook train)
  • MINI James
  • Plastic Harold (with hook!)

Also, built into the tower there is:

  • Cranky the crane (HUGE hit)
  • Owen the quarry lift (in a base piece)
  • Knapford Station
  • A Turn Table
  • The Shed
  • Steamworks
  • Dieselworks
  • Helicopter landing pad

This set also includes over 35 feet of trackmaster tracks, which can be used to make various loops on the underside of the build. It also includes a few “end of the line” plastic pieces and the two ramps.

toddler playing with thomas super station

Thomas Super Station Compatible Trains

A big selling point for me was that all of his trains would work with it. He has a lot of wooden tracks and his mini trains and die cast trains don’t fit – which is very frustrating. It’s mind boggling to me why they made the die cast trains just slightly too small for the wooden track.

These trains all work with the Super Station:

  • Thomas & Friends TrackMaster
  • Thomas & Friends Adventures
  • Thomas & Friends Die Cast trains
  • Thomas & Friends MINIS
  • Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway / Wood Range

The only trains that are NOT compatible are the My First Thomas which are too large for these tracks.

cranky on thomas super station

What are the dimensions of the Thomas & Friends Super Station?

The Super station itself is 36 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 21 inches deep.

The Ramps extend an additional 44″ from the station.

The ramps are what make it so huge and if you don’t put them up (or use only one) it’s much more manageable!

Super Station train storage

One thing that the Super Station boasts is that it can store over 100 trains. This was a big selling point to me as Luke has a lot of trains.

So, it’s not lying, but that number is a bit deceptive.

Most of those spots are small hooks or slots to hang hook or mini trains.

As far as storing larger trains such as the wooden or die cast train, storage is more limited to the slots in the base support pieces.

These towers have 3 spots each, each hold 2 wooden sized trains. So, they can hold 18 trains. The shed has 6 holes and each can hold 2 trains for 12 more spots.

You can also keep trains on the tracks and in the sheds, as well. I just wanted to clarify this because it was kind of disappointing to me!

harold the helocopter landing pad thomas super station

Does The Thomas And Friends Super Station Need Batteries?

No – the station itself does not need batteries. It does come with one battery operated Thomas engine. He needs batteries to run!

How Long Does It Take To Put The Thomas And Friends Super Station Together?

It took about an hour and a half to assemble our set. We did most of the work the night before Christmas eve (in the attic!) and then moved it down and added the finishing touches on Christmas eve. I highly recommend doing it this way!

mini train storage on thomas super station

Super Station quality

I was really impressed with the quality of this toy. It is strong and sturdy. The only point of weakness is the ramps coming off each side – they have a base that they snap into (3 pieces for each side) but they do get knocked off occasionally. It’s easy to snap back on!

Where to buy a Thomas & Friends Super Station

You can find the Super Station at several stores! Keep an eye out, they go $20 off sometimes!

thomas and friends super station set up

Thomas & Friends Super Station: do I recommend it?

If your child is into Thomas and you have the space for this toy I 100% recommend it. It has the wow factor for sure. I really recommend gifting it to your child already assembled, if possible!

Thanks for reading!

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