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70 taco toppings for your taco bar

Planning a taco dinner? Here are my favorite taco toppings for your taco bar – whether it’s for yourself, your family, or a taco party!

Is there anything better than a taco bar? Maybe a nacho bar…

Tacos are a staple in our house – we have tacos for dinner at least once a week and breakfast tacos a few times a week.

I love that tacos can easily feed a crowd – and can be a pretty cheap way to do so, too.

But, you can also get a bit adventurous with a lot of different or unique taco toppings.

I love using a family taco dinner as a way to use up random leftovers in the fridge. Look at what you already have on hand and try to put it to work!

Let’s talk about some of the most popular taco toppings that you might want to feature on your taco bar ASAP.

Taco bar essentials

Every taco bar needs tortillas as a base of your taco (unless you are doing nachos or taco bowls which are GREAT too!)

Consider grabbing:

  • corn tortillas
  • flour tortillas
  • crunchy tortilla shells

The best way to keep taco shells warm is to warm them in the oven – on warm or around 300 degrees. Wrap them in foil to keep warm while serving!

the best taco toppings

The best taco toppings list

Wondering what to put on tacos? I like to break down our taco bar ingredients to include: fillings, toppings, condiments, and garnishes. Stick to easy taco toppings or go a little wild if you have a more adventurous crowd!

Be sure to check out my favorite taco bar side dishes for kids!

Fillings for tacos

Taco meats

  • Ground meat – ground beef, pork, chicken, turkey
  • Shredded chicken
  • Steak
  • Fish – typically white fish, fried or baked
  • Shrimp
  • Chorizo
  • Carne asada
  • Adobada/Al Pastor pork

Vegetarian taco fillings

  • Black beans or pinto beans
  • Refried beans (check for veg versions – some use meat broth)
  • Roasted root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, parsnips, beets
  • Jackfruit
  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Tofu
  • Portobella mushroom
  • Eggs – scrambled or fried

Taco toppings ideas

  • Fajita veggies – sautéed onions and peppers
  • Shredded cheese – pepper jack, monterey jack, cheddar, colby Jack, cotija
  • Queso cheese
  • Cilantro lime rice
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Onions – red or white, diced finely
  • Corn – plain or street corn
  • Cowboy caviar
  • Guacamole or sliced avocado
  • Pickled red onion
  • Jalapeños – fresh or pickled
  • Shredded lettuce, cabbage, or broccoli slaw
  • Tomatoes
  • Cole slaw (love this with fish tacos especially)
  • Bell peppers or any peppers sliced thinly

Condiments for tacos

  • Pico de gallo
  • Salsa, Mango salsa, Pineapple salsa, Salsa Verde
  • Sour cream OR plain greek yogurt
  • Hot sauce or sriracha
  • Chipotle sauce or chipotle ranch
  • Cilantro lime crema
  • Bean dip
  • Chimichurri

Taco garnishes

  • Cilantro
  • Chives
  • Green onions
  • Thinly sliced radishes
  • Black olives
  • Lime wedges

What are your favorite taco fixings?!

Thanks for reading!

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