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My Pregnancy Must Haves for Each Trimester

Wondering what you really need to buy to survive your pregnancy? Here are my must haves for each trimester!

It’s so easy to spend a ton of money when you are pregnant – both on conveniences for the pregnancy as well as things for the baby! Since most people in the United States have to take unpaid parental leave after their baby is born, pregnancy is not the best time to spend tons of money!

So, I decided to round up my pregnancy must haves to help you see things that really helped and were worth it for me. I also think that any of these things would make excellent gifts for a pregnant friend!

My Pregnancy Must Haves for Each Trimester

pregnancy must haves for each trimester

Pregnancy Must Haves First Trimester

  • Gin Gins – Ginger really helps to battle nausea without tasting medicinal at all. I loved these ginger candies for sucking on when I needed them!
  • Book for Her – It’s a classic for a reason – while everything is probably on the internet, it does make me feel more organized to have it all in one place in this book.
  • Book for Him – Sean knew nothing about pregnancy before I got pregnant and doesn’t have the benefit of pregnancy internet groups like I have been in. This book has led to some aha moments and definitely made him feel more involved in the process.
  • Pregnancy Journal – I started a pregnancy journal when I was six weeks pregnant and am already enjoying going back and reading it!
  • Prenatal Vitamin Gummy – I was so nauseous in my first trimester that I was unable to swallow the horse pill prenatals. Enter gummy vitamins. I tried a few brands during my pregnancy and these were by far my favorite!

Pregnancy Must Haves Second Trimester

Pregnancy Must Haves Third Trimester

  • Belly Butter – I am a lotion fanatic in normal times, and pregnancy has made my skin very dry. This belly butter is supposed to prevent stretch marks and is really thick yet light – I love it!
  • Heating Pad – The third trimester is when I really started having a sore back and hips. Laying with a heating pad at night really made a huge difference!
  • Eye Mask – third trimester insomnia is real, and having this eye mask on hand has made it slightly easier to stay asleep or fall back asleep if I am woken up.
  • Cushion for Chair at Work – sitting all day can be a major pain in the butt. This memory foam cushion really really helps – though I still try to get up and walk a bit every hour.

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What are your pregnancy must haves?

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