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32 easy make ahead sandwiches

Need to meal prep some sandwiches for lunch tomorrow? Here are a ton of easy make ahead sandwiches to try!

Picnics and school lunches and afternoon parties – there are tons of reasons to want to make sandwiches ahead of time.

But, old sandwiches don’t sound super appetizing. Dry bread? Soggy bread? Gross!

However, you really can make sandwiches ahead of time. You just need to do it the right way!

32 make ahead sandwich recipes

Can you make sandwiches ahead of time?

Yes – there are many sandwiches that can be made ahead! The best make ahead sandwich ideas are usually cold sandwiches without anything too wet to make the bread soggy. Warm sandwich filling tends to let off condensation which leads to wet, mushy bread.

How do you make premade sandwiches without getting soggy?

The best lunch sandwich is not soggy! To keep the bread from getting soggy, layer something between the bread and any wet ingredients. A large piece of lettuce or slice of cheese work great to separate condiments from bread.

Also, consider buttering your bread. Butter on the inside of the bread can help to keep the bread itself from getting soggy, especially if it sits overnight. Plus, it’s delicious.

How far in advance can you make sandwiches?

Ideally make your sandwiches within 24 hours of eating them. If you are going for make ahead sandwiches for a party, you can possibly make them up to 48 hours in advance.

Store them in an air tight container with moist – but not super wet – paper towels on top to keep the bread from drying out. Keep all condiments on the side if it’s going to be more than 12 or so hours.

If you have less sandwiches, you can wrap them tightly in saran wrap and store them in the fridge or a cooler with ice packs.

Can you prep sandwiches for the week?

I wouldn’t suggest prepping a week of sandwiches at once. They would probably be pretty gross by Friday. Consider instead prepping your filling and assembling the actual sandwiches the night before or morning you plan to eat them.

What sandwiches can be made the night before?

There are plenty of make ahead sandwiches for lunch! For best results, consider making a wrap or using a crusty bread or roll, or at least toasted sliced bread. These breads tend to hold up and get less soggy for make ahead sandwiches for lunch the next day.

How do you keep sandwiches cold for lunch?

If you are packing a lunch, always choose an insulated lunch bag. Add a frozen ice pack. A thermos of ice water can be a great way to add extra ice without wasting room. Of course, whenever possible, stick the lunchbox itself in a fridge to help keep it cold.

Can cold sandwiches be prepared in advance?

Yes, cold sandwiches are some of the best sandwiches to make the night before. This can be especially useful when planning easy sandwiches for a crowd such as a party the next day.

make ahead sandwich ideas

Make ahead sandwiches to make

Here are some of my favorite ideas for cold sandwiches and make ahead sandwiches for a party or for yourself!

Make ahead Sandwich ideas

Looking for good lunch sandwiches? Here are a ton of ideas for make ahead sandwich recipes!

Before you go…

A sandwich is great, but a side dish makes it better! Our list of the best picnic side dishes are all perfect to pair with make ahead sandwiches!

What are your favorite easy sandwiches for lunch?!

Thanks for reading!

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