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Leaf scavenger hunt – free printable!

Embark on a nature-filled journey with our Leaf Scavenger Hunt for kids! Download the free printable and discover the diversity of leaves in your backyard or local park. A fun, engaging way to learn about the environment.

As seasons change, so does the world around us, and what better way to celebrate and learn about these changes than with a Leaf Scavenger Hunt?

This activity is not just for fun; it’s a hands-on learning experience that teaches kids about the diversity of plant life, the science of leaves, and the beauty of the changing seasons.

After the excitement generated by our grocery store scavenger hunt, we were inspired to create something equally engaging but with a focus on the natural world.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Leaf Scavenger Hunt and provide a free printable to make organizing this nature-filled adventure as easy as a breeze!

Leaf Scavenger Hunt

How to Organize Your Leaf Scavenger Hunt

Setting up a memorable Leaf Scavenger Hunt is simple with these helpful tips:

  • Identify the Area: Choose a park, forest, garden, or even your backyard where a variety of trees are accessible. Make sure the area is safe for kids to explore.
  • Prepare the Printables: Our free printable includes two pages designed to help kids distinguish between green leaves and those with fall colors, featuring a variety of species to find.
  • Explain the Rules: Teach kids how to gently collect leaves without harming the trees. Encourage them to observe the shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Learning Opportunities: Use the scavenger hunt as a chance to discuss why leaves change color, the importance of trees in the ecosystem, and the different types of trees found in your area.
  • Safety First: Always prioritize safety by keeping the hunt in easily navigable areas and supervising younger participants.

Leaf Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas

Our printable is filled with clues designed to help kids discover and learn about different species of leaves. If you’re looking to add more educational value, consider including:

  • Maple Leaf: Find a leaf with the iconic Canadian symbol shape.
  • Oak Leaf: Look for a leaf with lobed edges.
  • Pine Needle: Discover the long, thin leaves of a pine tree.
  • Birch Leaf: Search for a leaf with a triangular shape.
  • Sycamore Leaf: Identify a leaf that’s large and has a hand-like shape.
  • Willow Leaf: Find a long, narrow leaf that hangs from the branches.
fall and spring leaf scavenger hunt

Free Printable Leaf Scavenger Hunt

To facilitate your outdoor adventure, we’ve created a FREE printable with two pages — one focusing on green leaves and the other on fall-colored leaves, each showcasing different species for a fun and educational experience.

Click here to download your free Leaf Scavenger Hunt printable!

leaf scavenger hunt mock up

This printable is the perfect tool to engage the whole family in an enjoyable and informative activity, encouraging kids to connect with nature and learn about the world around them.

Building Memories with the Leaf Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to combine fun with education, and our Leaf Scavenger Hunt is no exception. It offers a unique opportunity to explore nature, learn about different species of trees, and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.

This activity not only brings families closer but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the environment, making every leaf found a step towards a greater love of the natural world.

Thanks for reading!

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