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Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder Review

Considering getting a Fairy Finder for your kids? Today I am sharing a full Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder review based on my experience with the toy and my 2 kids!

There are so many toys always coming out for kids, it can be overwhelming. In my opinion, the worst offenders are the toys that advertise on YouTube commercials.

My kids don’t really even watch much YouTube – once or twice a week we will do a Miss Linky before lunch or while I cook dinner. But, they always get sucked in by the ads.

It’s actually really kind of a throwback because it reminds me of when I was a kid in the 90s and always watched toy ads on Nickelodeon.

My kids just watch streaming for everything, so their only concept of commercials is YouTube and when they watch football with her dad on Sundays.

Anyways, one of those YouTube advertised toys was the Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder.

I followed the item on Amazon so I got a notice when it went on sale almost 50% off and decided to order it since my kids have been begging for it and since I knew I could share our review with you here today.

Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder Review

Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder Review

Here is my complete, honest, unsponsored review of the Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder. For reference, I have a 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy who have played with this toy for about 2 weeks now.

What is the Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder?

The Fairy Pet Finder is a plastic toy with a little black and white computer screen on it. Honestly, if you are a 90s baby, it’s giving tamagotchi vibes.

The screen has low-res graphics of small fairies that you have to find and catch around the house or neighborhood. Kind of like Pokemon Go… 5? 10? years ago.

Kids push the button, open the lid, and carry the finder around to catch fairies.

Once you catch one, you can feed it, play a game with it (like a super simple old school don’t get hit by the falling fruit game), look at your collection, and trade them with friends who also have a fairy finder.

What age is Got2Glow fairy finder for?

This toy is marketed to 5-15 year olds. My 4 (almost 5) year old boy really enjoyed it. My 3 year old was too young for it. I cannot imagine anyone older than 8 enjoying this toy for any period of time.

How does Got2Glow fairy finder work?

The Fairy Finder works in that you can toggle to fairy finding mode, open the lid (on a hinge), wave it around, and a fairy will appear.

The fairies look like unicorns, bugs, and small animals.

That’s it. There is zero skill required to catch a fairy.

kid playing with a Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder

How many fairies can you find in a got to glow Fairy Finder?

You can catch up to 40 fairies in your Fairy Finder. You can get more if you “trade” with friends for them, but 40 is the max to catch individually.

After that, you can feed them and play the game but that’s it!

How do you catch a fairy with the Fairy Finder toy?

To catch a fairy, navigate on the menu to fairy catching mode and press the button. It will instruct you to open the lid. Walk around and you will catch a fairy within 30 seconds.

My thoughts on the Got2Glow fairy finder

Honestly, I put this toy in the same category as a magic mixie – totally overpriced and overhyped.

It has very limited functionality, and while the whole game of catching fairies is fun for a little bit, it did not take my four-year-old very long to catch the 40 max.

I suppose that I could reset this thing – there’s one of those little buttons on the bottom you have to push with a paper clip, though I haven’t tried yet.

The game and the feeding of the fairies is pretty boring and simple and not enough to keep even my four-year-old entertained for long.

So, while this is a totally fine toy, it’s definitely not gonna be like your kids favorite toy for a year.

It’s some thing to play with for a weekend and then throw on the floor in the playroom and step over for the next few months until mom put it in the yard sale pile.

That being said, if your kids are begging for it for Christmas or their birthdays, it’s not offensive or horrible.

I would definitely wait for a big sale – 30% off or more – because Amazon seems to always have them discounted. Do not pay full price!

Any more questions about the Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finder?

Thanks for reading!

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