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The Best Glow in the Dark Bath Toys

Explore our top picks for the best glow in the dark bath toys that turn your child’s bath time into a magical, illuminated adventure. From playful rubber ducks to enchanting sea creatures, these toys promise unforgettable, glowing fun in the tub.

Bath toys are one of those things that I never gave a single thought before having kids. Now, everywhere I’m shopping I buy little items that I think my kids would enjoy playing within the bath.

I love letting my kids take a nice long bath when we have the time. I give them a favorite bath bomb and a bucket of toys and they are content until the water gets cold.

One of the fun things I’ve been doing lately is cutting the lights off in the bathroom and giving them a couple of glow sticks to splash around with. It’s always a hit!

But, why not take it to the next level with a glow in the dark bath toy?!

Glow in the Dark Bath Toys

Glow in the Dark Bath Toys

Here are some of the best glowing bath toys for kids!

Glow in the Dark Bath Toys

Mini Rubber Crocodile Baby Bath Toys

Watch as these tiny crocodiles light up the bath, sparking imaginative play and adventure stories.

LED Light Up Pink Rubber Ducks

A classic bath toy with a twist, these pink ducks create a soft, soothing light show in the water.

St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks

Celebrate with these festive ducks that bring a glow to bath time celebrations.

Glow in The Dark Sticky Hands

Not just for sticking to walls, these hands add a fun, tactile toy that glows after dark.

Squeezable and Squeak Shark Glow in The Dark Shark

This squeezable shark not only glows but also adds sound to enhance the sensory experience.

Summer Shark Bath Toys Glow in The Dark

A school of glowing sharks turns the bath into an exciting, illuminated ocean.

Glow in The Dark Stars for Ceiling

Extend the glow above the bath with stars that turn the ceiling into a nighttime sky.

Glow Sticks

Add a burst of color and light with glow sticks that can float on the water or decorate the room.

Ocean Fish Wall Decals Glow in The Dark

These decals transform the bathroom walls into a glowing underwater scene.

10 Different Design Glow in The Dark Ducks

Each duck has a unique design, offering variety and fun to collecting and playing.

Glow in The Dark Bunny Duckies

Adorable bunny-duck hybrids that bring a whimsical twist to glow in the dark toys.

Munchkin Catch a Glowing Star Glow in the Dark Bath Toy

A game and toy in one, encouraging coordination and play with glowing stars.

Bath Buddy: Glow in the Dark

This is part boat part scoop light up glowing bath toy – super unique and fun!

Fish Glow in the Dark

Create an aquarium-like atmosphere with these glowing fish that light up around your little one.

bath bomb with dinosaurs inside

Glow in the dark monster bath bombs

Unleash a fizzy, glowing monster into the bath for a surprising twist on bath bombs.

Galaxy Alien Surprise Bath Bomb

Explore the cosmos with a bath bomb that reveals a glowing alien surprise as it dissolves.

GLOW in the DARK rubber ducky soap bars

Clean up becomes part of the fun with soap bars that leave behind a glowing rubber ducky.

What’s your favorite bath toys for kids?

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