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The best Frozen toys for boys

Explore our handpicked collection of the best Frozen toys for boys, featuring everything from plush Olaf dolls to adventurous Kristoff figures and interactive playsets. Dive into the magic of Arendelle and inspire imaginative play with toys that capture the spirit of the beloved Disney Frozen series.

Even though the movie is over a decade old, Frozen still has a strong hold on the toddler and preschooler set.

My kids are both huge fans of the movies. We actually dressed as frozen for Halloween last year!

But, so much of the frozen toys are really targeted at girls. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not into gendering things. But a lot of it is really traditionally girlie.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a boy who loves frozen or just want some toy inspiration, today I’ve got you.

kid in an olaf hat on a disney cruise

From plush companions for bedtime stories to interactive sets that bring the icy kingdom to life, we’ve curated the perfect list of Frozen toys that will delight any young fan, especially the boys ready to embark on their own frosty adventures.

Whether it’s building snowmen with Olaf or setting off on daring expeditions with Kristoff, these toys are sure to spark joy and creativity in your child.

Check out our selection of the best Frozen toys for boys, designed to capture the magic of the movies and inspire endless playtime fun.

The best Frozen toys for boys

The best Frozen toys for boys

Here are my favorite Frozen toys to buy for boys!

The best Frozen toys for boys

16.5-Inch Plush Olaf

A cuddly and soft companion, perfect for snuggles and adventures both inside and outside of Arendelle.

Disney’s Frozen 2 Bop It – Olaf

A fun and interactive game that challenges kids to keep up with the commands with a Frozen twist.

Kangaroo’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Allows children to create their own Olaf with snow-like materials, sparking creativity and tactile play.

stuffed olaf

Frozen Kristoff Fashion Doll with Brown Outfit

A detailed doll that lets kids reenact their favorite Kristoff moments or imagine new adventures in Arendelle.

LEGO Disney Frozen II Olaf

A buildable LEGO figure of everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf, perfect for fans of LEGO and Frozen.

Frozen Toy Set with 6 Key Characters

This set includes figures of all of the key characters for epic storytelling and play.

Frozen Story Time Olaf

A storytelling Olaf that recounts tales from Frozen 2, perfect for bedtime or any time.

Frozen Princess Castle Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

Encourage creative building with these magnetic tiles that can form a Frozen-themed castle.

frozen little people sleigh

Frozen 2 Bruni Mood Light

A mood light featuring Bruni, the adorable salamander from Frozen 2, adds a magical touch to any room.

Little People Toddler Toys Disney Frozen Elsa & Friends Figure Set

A set of Little People figures including Elsa and friends, ideal for the youngest Frozen fans.

Little People Toddler Toy Disney Frozen Olaf’s Cocoa Café

An interactive playset where kids can serve up cocoa with Olaf, perfect for imaginative play.

Frozen II Olaf Snowman Stuffed Animal Plush

Another plush Olaf option, this one captures his cheerful spirit in stuffed form.

15-inch Olaf Plush Stuffed Toy

A large plush perfect for big hugs and companionship on any adventure.

Frozen Make a face Stickers

These stickers let kids create and recreate Olaf’s face in many expressive ways.

giant sven toy

14-Inch Sven Plush

A soft, cuddly version of Kristoff’s loyal reindeer friend, ideal for playtime and snuggles.

Storytime Mini Projector with 4 Disney Frozen Stories

Project stories onto the wall and let your child’s imagination soar with tales from Arendelle.

Funko Disney Frozen Kristoff Pop Vinyl Figure

A collectible Kristoff figure that’s perfect for display or to play out Frozen scenarios.

What’s your kids favorite Frozen toy?!

Thanks for reading!

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