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29 fun & easy cupcake liner crafts for kids

Check out this list of fun and easy cupcake liner crafts for kids to inspire you on your crafty planning with your kiddos!

I love doing little crafts with my kids. We go through a lot of craft supplies around here – pom poms and pipe cleaners and googly eyes for days.

However, one material that I often forget is cupcake wrapper crafts!

These papers are inexpensive and come in bulk. Bake in some and craft with the extras!

Cupcake liners come in tons of different sizes, materials, colors, and patterns. Kids will love experimenting with all of these DIY cupcake liner ideas.

There are lots of craft ideas with cupcake liners – something for every holiday or theme.

cupcake liner craft ideas for kids of all ages

Here are my favorite cupcake liner crafts for kids!

Cupcake liner crafts for kids

Here are some of my favorite adorable cupcake liner crafts that are easy for kids to do!

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