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Is the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp worth it? An honest review

Considering getting a magic genie lamp toy for your kids? Here’s my complete Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp toy review!

The hot toy of the year last year was definitely the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball, so when Magic Mixies put out their newest toy – a genie lamp – I just knew that I had to give it a try.

Now, this is one pricey kids toy, especially when you get it in your hands and check it out. Let’s talk about what this toy is and if it’s worth the hype – and the steep price tag.

magic mixies genie lamp worth it

Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp Review

The Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp is a plastic genie lamp that kids can rub, tap, twist, and shake in a precise order in order to reveal a series of prizes.

The prizes included are:

  • a plastic ring base
  • a plastic gem (that snaps onto the ring base)
  • a Magic Mixie with a plastic “smoke” base

My overall thoughts on this toy are that it is slightly elaborate (though simpler to remember and complete than the crystal ball “spells”), fun to do a few times, then pretty boring.

The toy isn’t exactly single use, but it’s not something that will compel my kids to come back time and time again.

My 5 year old son loves the lights and smoke from the lamp – and couldn’t care less about the toy inside. The smoke show ran out after doing it 4 times consecutively, and I’m yet to see him reach back to try this toy again.

magic mixie genie lamp

What even is this thing?

This toy is a plastic magic genie lamp, kind of like Aladdin, which my kids are obsessed with, and was the saving grace of this toy for us.

The lamp has a lid with a little dial that points at three different colors.

You do a certain routine, following the instructions of knocking, rubbing and shaking the lamp. There’s a light up gem on the front of the genie lamp that lights up different colors to indicate you have completed each step of the routine.

At certain points during the process you rotate the tiny cap to a different color on the top of the lid and then the lid will open to reveal a prize.

magic mixie genie lamp

If you really examine it, you can see that it’s got three different compartments and turning the dial affects how much the lid open which compartment you can access.

As I previously mentioned, the three different compartments contain the ring base, the gem, and the magic mixie itself.

Once you’ve revealed the magic mixie, that toy, which is basically a light up, singing, stuffed animal, can do a few little games.

You can squeeze its belly and push the gem on its for head, and it will do different routines and you can even get it to repeat a word that you say back to it.

magic mixie genie lamp

It’s fine, but my kids have a lot of stuffed animals that do these kind of things so they weren’t super impressed.

I also hated that they gave this specific magic mixie a plastic base. This is so it looks like a genie I guess and it can rest on the mouth of the lap.

However, this made it super not cuddly and kind of a bad stuffed animal for using for standalone purposes.

We still have the magic mixi from the crystal ball from last year and my daughter actually likes to sleep with it because it’s soft and cuddly but this one is definitely not that.

Overall, this toy was a whomp-whomp for me. At least I knew better what to expect from last year, but I was still unimpressed, especially for the price.

magic mixie genie lamp

The Genie Lamp

This toy comes with TWO instruction manuals – one for revealing the mixie in the lamp and one for the mixie itself.

The process to reveal the Genie wasn’t too elaborate, and the instructions include images so my son who can only half-read could follow along by himself, independently.

Once you reveal your mixie, you can actually re-do the sequence and put any toy inside the lamp. To do this, you have to put the toy in play mode, twist the knob to each color, open the compartment, add a toy, then put it back in smoke mode and re-do the sequence.

magic mixie genie lamp

Additionally, we had a little bit of trouble with this one being buggy. Sometimes it just did not respond to doing the action even if my kids were doing it correctly. And if it won’t except the action, the gem color won’t change and there’s literally nothing you can do to move along the process, except cut the thing off and on again. Not great.

it’s also worth noting that the smoke that comes out really stinks and my daughter really doesn’t like it. For better or worse the smoke ran out after doing it four or five times. You can get refills of the smoke, but I certainly will not be doing that.

magic mixie genie lamp

The Magic Mixie

The toy that comes inside the ball is a mixie. It has a few “games” it can play. I expected more to be honest!

  • Wish granting – Make a wish, press the ring to his head and he will either grant it or not depending on the color his head lights up.
  • Repeating it’s name – Press it’s belly and say it’s name and it will repeat it. It took like 10 tries to get this to work.
  • Talking – Talk to it’s face and it “talks” back. It’s just gibberish and has a few phrases it repeats.

The toy itself is OK – my 3 year old likes carrying it around – but as far as the interactiveness goes, we have cheap talking stuffed animals that do more tricks.

And, as I’ve already said, I dislike the hard plastic body.

magic mixie genie lamp

Is Magic Mixies a one time use?

No, you can re-do the magic lamp with any toy or the mixie again, do the wishes, and have it smoke up and appear. It claims to have enough juice in there for 40 times for the smoke to come out, but ours ran out after 5.

This might be because we did a lot of “free play” time with it, too. But, it definitely doesn’t last forever.

Are batteries included with the Magic Mixies magic genie lamp?

YES, batteries for the lamp and magic mixie toy are included – for that price, they better be.

How long does it take Magic Mixies to work?

It takes about 5 minutes to get through the whole process to get the magic mixie to appear. The process is specific and elaborate.

When making your own toys disappear, you add a few minutes to the process for that part.

Does the magic mixie smell like burning?

Yes, the smoke coming out of this thing stinks and apparently that is “normal”. Don’t worry – it will run out soon enough.

magic mixie genie lamp

What is the point of Magic Mixies?

The various Magic Mixie toys are supposed to help kids enjoy magic. They mix magic with colorful toys and bright lights to try to really be appealing.

Why are magic mixies so expensive?

Gotta pay for all those YouTube ads to sucker kids into putting them on the top of their wishlist!

My magic mixie is not working!

We had several issues with the genie lamp freezing up or glitching. I suggest cutting it off and cutting it back on again. You can also take the batteries out and replace them, but I would expect that the batteries will outlast your kids interest in this toy.

Is the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp worth it?

I’m going to answer this with a resounding no. The genie lamp is just plastic and the toys inside are unimpressive. The toys themselves seem like they are worth about $30 max to me.

When we bought it, there was a $20 off Amazon clickable coupon for the preorder. I assume that, since these toys are so hyped, there will be big Black Friday deals. Don’t pay full price! Please don’t.

With that being said, I understand that these kind of toys are being heavily pushed on YouTube and nickelodeon commercials. If this is what your kid really wants, and you have the money to spend, it’s not a bad toy per se. It’s just not worth the hype and only kept my kids entertained for about 15 minutes.

For $75, there are a lot better toys you can get.

Any questions about the Magic Mixies magic genie lamp?

Thanks for reading!

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Any more questions about the Magic Mixie?

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