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101 foods for babies with no teeth

Wondering what finger foods for your baby with no teeth? Here are some of the foods that they can safely manage to eat!

I did Baby Led Weaning with both of my kids. That means that at the age of 6 months (assuming they can sit very well in a high chair) they started getting whole foods.

No baby food, no mush, no purees. Actual normal human food.

I know this is scary for a lot of parents and caregivers and I’m not here to pressure you to feed your baby any way or another!

But I specifically remember being at the library’s mommy and me class with Luke and a mom asking what he eats. I told her he ate a hamburger for lunch. He was probably 7 or 8 months old at the time.

The other mom scoffed at me and said well her baby didn’t have any teeth.

I remember looking at Luke drooling on the rug with his one sad little bottom middle tooth and laughing to myself if she thought that tooth was really tearing into the burger meat!

I don’t mean that to laugh at the other mom at all. Just to say that babies don’t really need teeth to eat.

There are a lot of finger foods for 6 month old babies with no teeth. There are a lot of snacks for babies with no teeth!

Their gums are great at smashing and chewing solid food, teeth or not!

That being said, I steered clear of anything overly sharp or crunchy. Though, my daugther is currently 9 months old with only 2 bottom teeth and eats a LOT of goldfish.

We offer our kids 3-5 things at each meal. Go with small amounts of each and give seconds if needed!

Regardless, starting solids is a personal choice for the parents. If you are introducing finger foods – usually 6 to 10 months of age – here are some ideas to get you started!

A note about choking

I’m not going to lie. Choking is TERRIFYING. It’s horrific to imagine and as babies start eating, they are going to gag and choke a little bit. Here are some things that made me feel better.

Watch YouTube videos showing choking vs. gagging. It will make you feel more comfortable and know what to look out for.

Familiarize yourself with the best and safest way to cut foods. It’s actually easier for small babies to eat long sticks than food cut into small pieces (until they develop the pincher grip). We have this Baby Led Feeding book and it has great diagrams on how to cut foods.

Make an OK sign with your thumb and pointer finger. Never serve anything round smaller than that circle. Smush blueberries, and quarter anything else.

Get CPR and heimlich maneuver certified for children and adults.

If it makes you feel better, keep a Dechoker on hand and know how to use it.

**Always consult with a doctor if you are concerned about your child’s diet. I am not a doctor, just a mom!*

101 foods for babies with no teeth

The best food for babies with no teeth

Here are some of my kids’ favorite foods before they got teeth! I organized this list by food type, so find exactly the thing you need to complete you next meal!

  1. Banana- cut in half moons
  2. Smooshed blueberries
  3. Sliced strawberries
  4. Mandarin oranges
  5. Diced canned/pop top peaches, drained
  6. Wedges of watermelon (for sucking)
  7. Blackberries – cut in half or quartered lengthwise
  8. Diced mango (an absolute favorite for both my kids!)
  9. Pineapple tidbits – canned or fresh
  10. Diced apples, sautéed with butter and tossed with cinnamon
  11. Diced pears – fresh, they go brown quickly
  12. Sliced prunes (great for constipation)
  13. Raisins – beware, they can rehydrate inside their bellies and come out… large
  14. Kiwi – peeled and sliced
  15. Grapes – quartered
  16. Slices of lemon or lime – people do this to be mean but our son LOVED them at restaurants
  17. Applesauce – in a pouch or on a spoon
  18. Fresh peaches – diced (you can leave the peel on small pieces!
  19. Raspberries – cut or torn in half
  20. Smoothie (cup with a straw)
  21. Roasted sweet potatoes – peeled wedges or sticks, with skin removed
  22. Baked or sautéed carrots (cut in half moons)
  23. Mashed potatoes (pre-loaded spoon)
  24. Mashed sweet potatoes (pre-loaded spoon)
  25. Roasted squash – sticks or half moons
  26. Mashed avocado or mild guacamole preloaded on a spoon
  27. Zucchini noodles with sauce
  28. Diced tomatoes
  29. Green peas – by the handful
  30. Chick peas – roasted and smashed so they are no longer round
  31. Avocado chunks – toss with breadcrumbs or coconut to make less slippery
  32. Cucumber – peeled and cut into sticks
  33. Cooked corn – I use canned
  34. Broccoli – roasted, cut into very small pieces
  35. Pickles – quartered lengthwise or sliced into half moons
  36. Plain full fat yogurt (pre-load a spoon)
  37. Shredded cheese
  38. Sliced cheese – torn into fingernail sized pieces
  39. Block cheese – cut into small sticks
  40. Fresh mozzarella, torn
  41. Cheese sticks – cut in half moons or quartered in sticks
  42. Babybel cheese, whole or broken up
  43. Shredded chicken
  44. Meatballs (both our kids’ first foods was a meatball!)
  45. Meatloaf – cut into bite sized pieces
  46. Chicken nuggets – cut into small bites
  47. Fish sticks – but into small bites
  48. Pepperoni – diced or torn
  49. Deli meat – torn into bite sized pieces
  50. Bacon – thin cut, don’t cook it too crispy, cut into 1/2″ wide slices
  51. Sausage – quartered lengthwise
  52. Hamburger – broken into bite sized pieces
  53. Corn dogs – quartered lengthwise
  54. Ground turkey
  55. Ground beef
  56. Ground chicken
  57. Ground pork
  58. Sausage or hotdogs – quartered lengthwise and sliced
  59. Shredded/flaked fish
  60. Shredded pork
  61. Black beans
  62. Veggie burger – cut in sticks or squares
  63. Scrambled egg chunks
  64. Hardboiled egg – diced
  65. Omelet cut into strips or diced
  66. Fruit and Veggie Melts
  67. Baby puff cereal
  68. Goldfish crackers
  69. Cheerios
  70. Animal crackers
  71. Vanilla wafers – broken in half or mini size
  72. Teddy grahams or Annies bunnies – broken in half
  73. Belvita breakfast crackers
  74. Veggie straws – whole
  75. Peanut butter bambas
  76. Dehydrated carrots – broken up
  77. Round crackers (like you’d use for cheese and crackers)
  78. Toasted bread with butter, peanut butter, or jelly
  79. Hash browns – whole or broken up
  80. Rice cakes – minis broken in half or large ones quartered
  81. Mini pancakes – halved
  82. Toast strips with mashed avocado (a fave for millennial parents)
  83. Waffles – cut into strips
  84. Biscuits – torn into bite sized pieces
  85. Muffins – torn into bite sized pieces
  86. English muffins – toasted, torn into strips
  87. Bagels – sliced into 1/2″ thick slices
  88. French fries whole or torn up
  89. Sweet potato fries – whole or torn up
  90. Pizza – cut into squares
  91. Spaghetti with sauce of choice
  92. Lo mein noodles (our daughter slurps them up!)
  93. Lasagna, cut into bite sized pieces
  94. Macaroni and cheese (tubes are easier than shells for little babies)
  95. Microwave cheese quesadilla on taco shells – cut into strips
  96. Corn cakes, cut into bite sized pieces
  97. Couscous (we like the pearl) on a spoon or messily by hand
  98. Pasta – we love penne, cut in half lengthwise for small babies
  99. Taco shell pizzas (taco shell with sauce + cheese, baked) cut into strips or bites
  100. Pita, torn into bites, with dip
  101. Hummus, pre-loaded on a spoon

What are your favorite foods for babies without teeth?

Thanks for reading!

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