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9 Ice Cream Party Games: Fun for All Kids! 

Planning an Ice Cream Party for kids? Here are the best Ice Cream Party Games to give you something to do other than just eat ice cream!

Children’s parties can have some wild themes. Some children like certain cartoon characters, others like animals, mermaids, or rockets. This post is for ice cream lovers, though. 

Other than being your child’s favorite thing, an ice-cream-themed party is a great idea for summer birthday parties.

You’ll have all the pastel colors to play around with and fun ice cream desserts to cater to. But what games and party activities would fit into your theme? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got a ton of ice cream party games just for you.

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Ice Cream Party Games

Ice Cream Party Games

Here are 9 fun and easy ice cream party games to play with kids!

Blindfold Tasting

In this game, the player will be blindfolded and will try to guess the flavor of the ice cream they’re tasting.

You can make it more challenging by mixing multiple flavors together and asking them to identify each flavor or adding ice cream toppings to the game. 

Cherry on a Spoon Race

Remember the old egg-and-spoon race? Well, this one’s with cherries. The same rules of the classic game apply. 

Players will need to hold the spoon with their mouth and balance the cherry on the spoon until they reach the other side. If the cherry tumbles off the spoon, they go back to the starting line until you have a winner. 

Sundae Scavenger Hunt

For these games, you’ll send the players on a scavenger hunt to gather what they need to create an ice cream sundae. You could hide things like ice cream scoops, bowls, spoons, and any toppings you’d like. 

Once they find everything, they need to come back and create an ice cream sundae before the other team does. The team that has a bowl of ice cream sundae ready wins. 

Just remember not to hide the ice cream itself because it’ll melt by the time they finish the scavenger hunt. 

Ice Cream Cone Line

For this game, you’ll need an empty ice cream cone for each player and plenty of sprinkles. 

Players are divided into teams who stand next to each other in a line. They’ll have an empty bowl at the end of that line which they’ll need to fill with sprinkles. 

The first person in line should scoop as many sprinkles as they can in one scoop. Then, they’ll have to put those sprinkles into the cone of the player next to them. The players should keep passing the sprinkles until they fill up the empty bowl on the other side. 

Cherry at the Bottom

You may be used to finding your cherry on top of the ice cream, but in this game, it’s at the very bottom of the bowl.

Players will need to dig into their ice cream without any hands until they reach the cherry. The winner is the first player to find the cherry in their bowl. 

Banana, Banana, Banana SPLIT

Just like the game of duck, duck, goose, the kids will sit in a big circle and one of them will be the moderator who will walk around saying banana until he assigns one of them as banana split! 

They then have to chase each other until the banana split catches the moderator. Once they do, the banana split becomes the new moderator and goes around to choose the new banana split.

Blindfolded Ice Cream Hunt 

This one is another version of the sundae scavenger hunt, only the person searching for the objects is blindfolded. They’ll need a teammate to direct them to where the objects are. 

Winners are the team who manage to communicate together perfectly and gather everything on the list before any of the other teams. 

Ice Cream Dice

This game is more of a way to spice up your ice cream bowl. There are no winners or losers in this one. Here’s how to play:

Create an ice cream dice by adding all of the available toppings on a wooden dice or two and leave it at the ice cream bar. 

Your guests will roll the dice and add whatever topping they get. They could go at it as many times as they’d like until they have all the toppings they want on their ice cream. 

Draw a Sundae

This one’s for the kiddos who want to take a break from all the running and jumping while still having some fun.

All you need are some papers and crayons for the little ones to sit and draw their dream sundae. You could even print out a few ice cream drawings for them to color in. 

Wrapping Up 

Ice cream parties are always a lot of fun for almost any summer event. Not only do the colors of the theme look pretty and cheerful, but also everybody loves ice cream!

So, you can be sure that these games will be a great way to give your guests a party they’ll never forget. 

Also, if you need something to make party planning a breeze, download our free party planner and hang it in your kitchen, to be sure you don’t forget a thing!

Thanks for reading!

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