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Best Costco Party Snacks

Planning a party? Here are the Best Costco Party Snacks to have your guests – and your wallet – happy!

Planning a party can be really fun – I honestly love the planning almost as much as the party itself!

One thing that requires a decent amount of planning is the food. Whether you’re serving a big meal or just some snacks, food is essential for any get together.

Today I want to talk about the easiest snacks in my arsenal – Costco party snacks.

These go-to essentials are fabulous because you can just grab them at Costco the day before your party, set them out, and enjoy yourself.

Everyone loves them, and there’s no complicated cooking necessary.

Here are our favorite Costco party snacks!

the best costco party snacks

The best Costco party snacks

Here are our favorite party snacks to buy at Costco!

Finger Foods

Costco has tons of finger foods! Here are some of my favorites.

Chips + Dip

This might be a bit obvious, but I love chips + dip for a party. Costco offers a ton of large bags of chips. They also do the big boxes of single serve bags, which I prefer for kids parties.

costco dip selection

There is also a big selection of refrigerated dips! We love the guac and pimento cheese especially.

Olives + Pickles

costco party snacks - olives

A pickle tray is my favorite. Costco has lots of ready-to-go options, but be careful – if it’s not an olive crowd, you might end up with a LOT of extras.

Pre-cut fruit trays

costco party snacks - fruit and cheese plate

I think that it is important to offer something healthy-ish at your parties. These pre-cut fruit and cheese trays are super easy and work with a variety of diets.

Sliced Cheese

costco party snacks - sliced cheese

Whether you are doing burgers or sandwiches or just want some easy to grab protein, the sliced cheese is a great buy. Plus, it’s easy to use up leftovers for lunch the next week!


costco party snacks - cheese

Costco has the BEST deals on blocked cheese. I love to grab this sampler for a smaller party, or individual larger blocks if you are expecting more guests!

Heartier Options

Want to serve something heavier than just snacks? Here are some heartier options at Costco!

Sandwiches and wraps

If you want to serve an easy lunch, you can’t beat the wraps and sandwiches from Costco. Be sure to note any of your guests dietary needs – most of these have meat and dairy – but they are so easy to grab and go.

For a more hands-on option, grab a big thing of their chicken salad + a box of croissants and DIY your own sandwiches! Pair with a fruit tray and chips for an easy group lunch!


costco party snacks - wings

I am not especially a wings girl, but my husband sure loves them. They are a great buy for game day or tailgating especially, and always a hit. I think Costco does a great price on wings!

Shrimp cocktail

costco party snacks - shrimp cocktail

This is a great way to have an easy, non- meat seafood option. Something about shrimp cocktail seems a bit fancy, and it’s so easy to DIY a cute set up with this Costco box.

Frozen Foods

There are lots of frozen foods that require cooking, but make easy hot party food!

Sweet Treats

Costco has tons of sweets options, too! I prefer individual items to make it easy for people to just grab what they want, no cutting or scooping required!

Chocolate mousse cups:

costco party snacks - chocolate mousse


costco party snacks - cookies

Ferrero Rocher chocolates:

ferrero rocher at costco

Ghiradelli chocolate squares:

ghiradelli chocolate squares


Costco is great for party drinks, too!

It’s a good place to buy sort of generic beer – you get a ton for your money.

beer at costco

We also like to pick up bubbly water. It’s a great way to stock a cooler for kids and non-drinkers.

bubbly water at costco

Grab our free printable party planner!

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